Sunday, April 1, 2012

First Birthday Photos

I just realized, I never did post any photos or news from Mason's first birthday party!

Things have been absolutely crazy in our home lately! School has been insane and so busy, but that is finally calming down so I have more blog and "me" time.

So...on to Mason's first birthday.......

A few days before his birthday, we had one year photos done. Mason was allll over the place so I thought we didn't get any good ones, but, as always, our photographer is amazing and she always surprises me and manages to get the most adorable, beautiful, amazing photos, even when I think we didn't get any because the kids were fussy, uncooperative, or any number of other things. Here are some of m favorites from the shoot.......

For Mason's party, we had a monkey and polka dot theme. I got sooo many adorable decorations and was so excited to get them up and see everything and for everyone else to see it all too!

We had his party at a local restaurant, and ordered pizza for everyone. Mason's cake was AMAZING!! A local baker made it for us, and she came highly recommended by friends, so I put my trust in her and she definitely did NOT disappoint! We had a full size cake and a personal smash cake just for Mason. TIhe baker never did see our decorations or anything to do with the theme f the party. I found a cake I wanted online, showed er the photo, and the only thing I told her was that I wanted only one tier, one smash cake, and for the colors to be a little brighter then they were in the photo. I was shocked when I got the cakes and they matched the decorations PERFECTLY! It was exactly what we wanted and SO cute!

My best friend and my mom went over and decorated an hour before the party. I was SO happy with the end result!

Shortly after we were done decorating, guests started to arrive. My mom, our best friends Jenn and Terry and their two kids, our neighbors Ashley and Rylin and their kids, my sister in law Crystal, my great grandparents, and my sisters Erin, Rachel, and their kids all came to celebrate with us. 

When Frank arrived with all of the kids, Mason wasted no time in finding the guitar hero arcade game!

He also wasted no time in breaking into the pizza and getting a bit messy as you can see in this picture with Jenn....

See his pizza sauced face? Super cute. :-)

After everyone had a bite to eat, Mason broke into his presents. At first he was only interested in his paper cup, but he soon realized all the goodies that were coming out of bags and wrapping paper, and the cup was thrown to the side and forgotten about. ;-) Mason got so many fun new toys, lots of toys that make noise and pop balls and sing songs. We got him a monkey ball that he loves to follow around the house, a set of "car keys" and a toy cell phone that we can record messages to him on. For his special day, we recorded a "Happy Birthday, Mason" message to him, and he seemed to get a kick out of hearing our voices on it. He also got some fun new outfits to add to his wardrobe. :-)

After the was time for cake, of course!

He wasn't so sure of it at first, but he soon had no problem digging right in!

And this was the aftermath of Mason and cake:

By the time the party was done, we were all exhausted. And in the haste to get fussy and over tired kiddos loaded into the van along with all of the gifts and decorations and such, we lost Mason's monkey balloon! It got away from me and slipped out the van door! I was so sad since it was his best balloon and I wanted it for his baby book, but I'll just have to order another. 

It was a great first birthday party for Mason, and I am so happy with how it all came out and with how it went. It was a success and I am so thankful to all of our friends and family who were able to make it to the party and who made it special for him. :-)

I still can't believe this little boy.....

is ONE!

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