Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!

We had an amazing Easter this year!!

For the twins very first Easter, they were only a few months old, and we didn't do much. We had dinner with family and that was it. For the next Easter, I went all out...we of course got them little toys and trinkets and things for their Easter basket, and I even made little Easter bunny feet and taped them all through the house. The next year, last year, they got sick the day before Easter and it was just awful. I tried hiding eggs early Easter morning for them to find, and made their baskets up....but this was the sight I saw when I woke up last year on Easter morning....

This year was much different. Instead of waking up to the above sight, we were greeted with these bright eyes....

The day before Easter, we went to a local elementary school, where there was a HUGE egg hunt and other activities for children, along with the Easter bunny! The kids had a BLAST getting fake tattoos, coloring, making different Easter crafts, and most of all, hunting and finding lots and lots of eggs that were loaded with awesome goodies!

When we first got in the school, there were tables set up for the kids to hunt for candy. Connor and Merasia LOVED it!

Mason had a good time just hanging out and enjoying the show...

After we hunted for candy, we waited outside for the Easter bunny to arrive and the egg hunt to start. 

They were SO excited for it to begin, and to pass the time a little quicker....we munched on some chocolate, as you can see on Connor's face. ;-)

When it was go time, Connor and Merasia knew exactly what to do and wasted NO time in hunting and finding lots of eggs!

There were SO SO SO SO many eggs, so there was more then plenty for everyone, which was good, so nobody went away disappointed with only a couple eggs. 

After the egg hunt, we went inside to warm up and have some fun. Daddy helped Connor get a dinosaur tattoo and helped Merasia get a fishy tattoo, and they did some other activities and played with their friends.

After we did some crafts and activities, we ventured back outside to meet the Easter bunny! The kids were SO excited to meet him and kept saying they would sit on his lap and meet him and shake his hand. When their turn came, Merasia wanted NO part in it! She got scared and started crying and had to go stand with daddy, but Connor went up to him, talked to him, got some candy, and gave him a high five. Mason even got in on the fun and was fascinated with the Easter bunny and how soft his hands were....

After a tiring but eventful day, we headed home and our friends came over later for dinner and some egg-dying fun. This was the twins first experience with egg dying, and they had a blast!

They fell into bed that night, completely exhausted from such a fun filled day. After bed, I went to the store to get a few last minute Easter gifts, and then went about filling eggs for the Easter egg hunt and putting all 3 kids' Easter baskets together.

We set the baskets up in the living room for the kids to see when they woke up the next morning. It's hard to see in the pics, but we got them sidewalk chalk (they just discovered it and loooove it and with the spring/summer coming, it's perfect!), toy harmonicas and tambourines (they are REALLY into musical instruments lately!), some candy of course, and most of all, BEACH TOYS!! We have a sandbox where we live too, so they can use the toys here, and at the beach this summer. For Mason, we got him some pacifiers, a duck for the beach or bathtub, beach toys, and a monkey toy. 

We woke up early Easter morning and went outside to put some of the kids' other beach toys out in the sandbox, along with hide some eggs for them. Then we woke them up, and they discovered their baskets and all of the goodies inside....

Mason wasted no time in discovering the m&ms in his eggs...

After that, we threw some pants on the kiddos, and headed outside for our own Easter egg hunt! They had SO MUCH FUN looking for eggs and discovering all of the cool toys the Easter bunny left for them!

We bribed them to come inside with their new Easter clothes...but hey, it worked! They were excited to see and wear their brand new Easter outfits!

They were all so darn cute! For the rest of the day, we hung out at home, mostly. Our friends, Des and Violet, came back over to hang out for a while, and then we went to visit my sister at her new place for a little while, where Mason had a blast chasing her kitten around and getting into mischief. Then we came back home and had a nice Chicken dinner with Des and Violet. It was an amazing Easter, and a HUGE improvement from last year's holiday, that was spent with puking toddlers. :-) I hope you all had an amazing Easter as well with your loved ones!

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