Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Connor & Merasia's 4th Birthday Party!

I just realized that in all of the busy-ness of the twins' birthday party, our big ultrasound, and school starting for the spring for me, I haven't even updated on the birthday party!

We held Connor and Merasia's birthday on January 14th, at a local town hall-like place nearby where we live. First of all, we had a slight cake drama fiasco that nearly caused me to have a nervous breakdown. On Saturday, the day before the party, I was notified by our baker, that she would not be able to make the twins' cake, which was supposed to be this cake:

Needless to say, this set off numerous nervous breakdowns for mama! I called around to the two big grocery stores in the town we life in, and asked if they do specialty cakes (like this one). Both said they could, so when hubs got home that night, I ran out to each store to see what they could do for me. The first one did wedding cakes and tiered birthday cakes, etc., so I was hopeful. But, for some reason they could not make a Dora and Diego cake, or even just copy the one seen in this picture, and advised me to come back at 6 in the morning to talk to the manager and baker for the next day. That was too stressful for me. I needed a solution right THEN and THERE, and knew I would not be able to sleep or relax that night with no solution. I was much more hopeful after leaving the second store, where the associate took me entire order, saw the cakes I wanted, put the order together and everything and said they would be ready the next afternoon for me. I knew it wouldn't be EXACTLY what I wanted in the photo, but it would be pretty darn close so I relaxed and again was happy and excited for the party. The next morning, the day of the party, hubs and I went to the place we were having it at, to set up some tables the way we wanted them arranged, and set up the bounce house to check it out and place that where we wanted it to go. While we were there I got a call from the grocery store that they were very sorry but the associate who took my order the night before should not have taken that order, because the cake was not something they could do. They were willing to give me a sheet cake and two smaller individual cakes for free, to make up for it. But I didn't want that. Sheet cakes are boring, and everyone has sheet cakes. This was the twins' biggest birthday party yet, because they had friends coming from preschool and daycare, and parents that I had yet to meet and get to know, and part of me wanted to impress everyone, but really, the cake is just as important as every other piece of the parties I plan. It's right up there with the kids having fun, and being happy, etc. So this was beyond devastating for me. There was nothing I could do, since it was so late for any bigger bakery to make such an elaborate cake for later that afternoon. I had no choice but to either have no cake for the party, or deal with a stupid, boring ol' sheet cake. If it had not been the day of the party, I would have cancelled the whole thing and rescheduled it for the next weekend, so we could have had the cake we wanted and planned for. So, we ended up with this for cake:

It tasted good, but it's cake. Cake just tastes good, period. Having this happen and having to have these stupid (in my opinion) cakes, ruined the party for me. 

Needless to say, the party went on anyway. The twins had a bunch of friends that came, a couple teachers from their daycare, as well as a couple of our really close friends, both grandmas (my mom and hubs mom), and their aunt (hub's sister). 

All the kids had a blast bouncing in the bounce house and playing on the slides and mats we had set up. I also had a coloring and play doh station set up to keep little ones busy and happy.

After everyone had some chili, veggies, chips, and dip for snacks, it was time for Connor and Merasia to open their many presents!

They got lots and lots of cool new toys and clothes to wear and play with! They were very happy with their goodies! After we opened gifts, it was time for cake!

Connor didn't bother with his fork and dug right in, wasting no time!

This was the aftermath of his cake when he was finally done...

Merasia, always the lady, used her fork and took only a few bites before she decided she was full and didn't want anymore cake. 

Little brother enjoyed lots of cake himself...

After cake was finally done, guests were slowly getting ready to leave and saying goodbye. We cleaned everything up, got everyone loaded into the van, and headed home ourselves. It was a successful birthday party, even though it was ruined for me. I still wish I would have cancelled and rescheduled to get the cake we wanted and everything. Next time, a disaster like that will NOT be happening!

I was never so glad to see the craziness of that party end though. A lot of preparation and work went into it from me, and it was literally exhausting. I felt like I hadn't slept in months by the time it was all said and done! 

Now, Mason's birthday is fast approaching, and yet another birthday party...oy vey! ;)

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