Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Gender Reveal Party!

So, as everyone knows, we had our big ultrasound back in January, and we were not going to find out the sex of the baby. We did have the ultrasound tech look for the gender and print that photo out and put it in an envelope, so our midwife could keep it at her office in our file, and if we changed our minds later in the pregnancy, we could just ask for it and look, since we won't be getting any more ultrasounds. I got weak though, and peeked later that day when we got home. Hubs still didn't want to know, so I told my best friend, who I know could keep it secret, just to get it out of me before I burst! Days went by and I finally convinced hubs to let me tell him. He agreed to look, but we decided we wouldn't tell our families or everyone else, just a couple other friends. We did that and that plan was good for a while. Then my best friend suggested we have a diaper shower, and while researching stuff for that and planning it, she came across a lot of ideas of a gender reveal party, and asked if that was something we may be interested in doing. I was for it, but didn't think hubs would be. I mentioned it to him, and he thought it was a really cool idea, so we set out planning for that! 

We just had the party this past Sunday. It ended up being on hub's birthday, so we combined them all. It was a gender reveal party/diaper shower/birthday party for Frank. We had a smaller turn out than we first expected, but it was still good and there were still 6 or so people there that had no idea what we were having, so that was still exciting! We had a cake made, and the inside was pink or blue, depending on what the baby's gender was of course, so everyone knew when we cut into the cake. It was so fun!

I guess I won't waste anymore time, and will just get to it already!

Here is the cake.................................

YES!! It's a GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

We had more people at the party who were "team pink" than team blue. Interesting! We told everyone to wear pink if they thought the baby was a girl, and blue if they thought it was a boy. It was so fun to see who thought what! Of course two of our friends there knew what we were having before the party, but it was still fun! We had pictures taken of "Team Pink" and "Team Blue" so we can remember the party and who thought what for gender, etc.

TEAM BLUE! (Only my niece and nephew...hubs was in the pic just to be goofy!)

We had a little area set up for everyone to make guesses as to the date of baby's arrival, her weight, length, and time, and whoever is right on or closest after birth, will get a gift card as a prize. 

Of course there were gifts to open too. Hubs had birthday gifts to open from me and the kiddos, and I had a few baby gifts to open, as well as my first ever diaper cake made for me by my best friend!

It was a very successful and fun party, and it is nice to be able to share all of the preparations for baby now, that everyone knows and can see all the fun girly stuff we already have for her! I am glad we chose to do the gender reveal party, I'd highly recommend it to everyone! It's SO much fun, even if you already know the gender before everyone else, the excitement of sharing it with everyone is SO fun! I would do it again if we ever had another, bu 4 was it for us. :)

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