Friday, November 15, 2013

Happy 5 Months!

Guess who's 5 months old??

It still feels like yesterday that Kendall made her ever-dramatic delivery into this world! Maybe it's because I keep replaying it over and over in my head because it was so amazing....

Either way, I can't believe it has been 5 months!

I feel like a slight broken record when I say this but it's the truth: Kendall is SUCH a happy girl! All of our babies have been pretty easy going and happy, but it seems like Kendall really just doesn't care about much and is just so genuinely happy all. The. Time. She just LOVES life!

As of about three weeks ago, she weighed 15 lbs., 6. 5 ounces. She has another weight check coming up next week so I will have a much more updated weight then, and I can't wait to see how much more she weighs! She is a big girl! Her thighs have become quite roly-poly...I can't get enough of them!

She eats about 7 ounces every few hours, and has a container of solids for breakfast and dinner. Sometimes she eats TWO whole containers per meal! She has a very hearty appetite! ;)

She's not very picky at all with which foods she likes, which is so great for us! She babbles non stop most of the time, and I just love hearing her talk and figure out all of her sounds! Her giggle is contagious, you can't help but bust out laughing yourself every single time you hear her giggle or have a full belly laugh, which doesn't take much sometimes!

She is pretty content, and even when she does get hungry, tired, bored, or wants attention, she doesn't complain much at all. Her cry can't even really be considered a cry; it's more like a whine. She never gets too upset, unless she gets hurt of course! 

She sleeps fairly well. She has had some weird sleeping issues going on lately where she is just restless and fussier than normal during the night. She is fine if she is in bed with us, so if that's what it takes to make her calm down and feel safe and secure to get her through whatever she is dealing with right now, then so be it. She is only this little once, so I want to soak it up as much as possible and get in every snuggle I possibly can while I can.

Her siblings haven't gotten sick of her yet, so that's a positive! Mason loves her and is always saying "Hiiii, baby girl!" He loves giving her kisses and she loves watching him and smiling and laughing at his antics.

Merasia just loves to help mommy Kendall. She is always asking to hold her, or when I set her down on the floor and she starts fussing, Merasia will be the first to step in and play with her, give her her paci or bottle, give her a toy, talk to her, or even pick her up and comfort her until I am able to get to her and meet her needs. It's nice to have such a big, responsible helper!

Kendall goes to daycare one day a week with her siblings. This is usually my biggest homework day, since it's the one day a week there are zero kids in the house and I can get what I need to get done quickly and efficientely. Everyone at daycare just loves her and are always commenting on what a happy (and big!) girl she is.

She loves holding and playing with her toys, and though she can't get her feet to her face or her mouth while laying on her back, she can get to them quite easily while sitting in her bumbo seat. Much to her surprise, she has discovered just how cool and fun her feet and toes are! ;)

She loves to jump in her jumperoo and play on her playmat too! She is also very interested in the world around her. When I am doing little things around the house I will carry her with me and she is so content just watching everything I do and checking it all out. 

She absolutely adores her daddy, too! Sometimes the only way she will calm down or fall asleep is by holding his hand or finger. It's so sweet!

As for her gross motor skills, she can roll from back to belly and from belly to back. She is much better at rolling from her back over to her bally though, and often times will throw a fit and fuss a ton when she rolls to her belly because she has trouble getting herself back over or just doesn't want to try and do it, even though she can and she knows it. Silly girl! 

She has gotten up to her knees a few times in the past week, which is exciting and scary at the same time! I am not ready for her to be mobile and crawling because 1.) it's one more active child to keep track of and that is wild, and 2.) it just means she is getting bigger and older and that's bittersweet!

She has yet to get any teeth in, but I know it's coming. If she is anything like her big sister though, it will still be three or four months away. I am curious to see how she does with teething compared to the other kids. Connor was never an issue and never made a peep when he was teething. Merasia was a little fussier than normal and cranky at times, and Mason was AWFUL while teething. He would literally be up ALL night, fussing and crying in pain and discomfort. It got to the point that every time he was like that, we just KNEW it was teeth and our theory was proven right the next morning when we checked his mouth and discovered the new jagged little tip each time!


Kendall got a small taste of snow for the first time the other day! Well, not a real TASTE, know. I took the older kids out to play in the slight dusting of snow we got earlier this week and Kendall was interested in checking it out from the warm coziness of her hat, snowsuit, and stroller.

Another favorite past time of Kendall's is bath time! She gets a bath every night, and loves it.

I think my favorite baby age is between 3-6 months. They are just the pinnacle of cuteness at these ages! They smile, giggle, laugh, coo, babble, squeal, talk, play, and socialize and it's just so. Much. FUN! I dread this time to end as she gets older and changes, but I also am looking forward to seeing her engage differently and come into herself and her personality more as the months continue to pass all too quickly. I will be sure to share with all of you too, of course!

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