Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Let's Read About Me Review

My kids LOVE books! I have made sure that ever since they could hold them and look at them, that they have had plenty of books to look at and read. I am an avid reader myself, and enjoy it in what little free time I can find to read a good book that isn't college related, so I think they get that from me. ;)

I was approached from Let's Read About Me, and asked to participate in a review of their customized books for one of my children. I had received customized books for Connor & Merasia a few years ago from a different company, so I decided we would go ahead and have a book made for Mason this time around.

A little about Let's Read About Me:

"Let's Read About Me provides one-of-a kind, high quality books, customized especially for young readers. Parents, teachers, friends can quickly build beautiful, personalized books perfect for young children to enjoy or to give as a gift. A variety of titles are available, making it easy to build a whole library of unique books, giving youngsters hours of reading enjoyment while building a strong literacy foundation. 

With more than 25 years of experience in early literacy instruction, the design team is passionate about helping early readers build a strong foundation to support the development of lifelong literacy skills. Our philosophy for reading practice in the preschool years is based on engaging children in authentic reading and writing tasks that will provide the foundation for more sophisticated literacy work as they get older."

I had a lot of fun making this book for Mason! It was so simple too, which is even better!

I had a hard time choosing which book to make for him, though, because there are so many great choices, such as "Mason Likes to Count," "Mason Can Help," and "Who Loves Mason?" I finally was able to choose one and went with "Mason's Favorite Things."


I was able to put in my own text and my own personal photos to make this book, so though the company put it together and shipped it to me, it truly was made special by my, for Mason.

I received this book in the "Memory" format which is a hard cover book and larger. That's kept in a special place so Mason doesn't lose it or ruin it, and I was also sent the "Just My Size" book for Mason to have and play with and read whenever he wants to. 

I was very impressed when I got the book, and loved it!

I was even able to put a cute photo of Mason and daddy on the very back cover of the book. 

When Mason first saw his book, he was SO excited! He was in the middle of raiding his big sister's dress up chest, but he stopped everything he was doing when I told him I had a gift for him. He LOVED looking through the book at all of the pictures and loved hearing me read it to him. He kept pointing to the photos, saying "me," "mama," "connor," "da-da," and so on at every picture he saw. The words are very basic too, so it's helpful in further developing his language skills and a little later, his real reading skills.

Mason has been working with a couple speech therapists for a while now, just because of some pronunciation issues and they were so intrigued when he showed them his book too, and thought it was such a great idea and were interested in looking into the company themselves for their own children, so I thought that was pretty cool!

Overall, I was SO excited and satisfied with this book and the customer service I received. I loved that I was able to build this book practically from scratch all by myself, and once the photos and text were submitted to the company, it was very, very quick service to have the book actually physically made and shipped to me. Seeing how excited Mason was when he saw it was very satisfying as well. He takes his book everywhere with him and loves reading it or showing it to people. In his mind, it's beyond cool that he is featured in a REAL book like all of his other favorite book characters that he knows so well. 

I would recommend Let's Read About Me to everyone! What a great idea and such a cool way to keep reading interesting for kids, and easy for early readers!

Make Your Own: Pop on over to Let's Read About Me and get started making your own customized book today! 

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