Saturday, November 30, 2013

Meeting Santa!

We met Santa this weekend! I found out he was visiting at a store nearby, so we decided to take the kids. Hubs is going away next week for about a month, so we figured we better get the Santa excursion in as soon as we could so he could be involved with that. 

I figured Connor would be fine because he has been for a couple of years now.

I thought for sure Merasia and Mason would want nothing to do with Santa, as that has been the case the past couple of years. Mason surprised me though! As soon as we entered the store, he started yelling, "Ho! Ho! Ho! Saaaannntttaaa??" As soon as he saw him, he walked right up to him and got a candy cane from him, and then even sat on his lap! I think he has finally overcome his Santa fear! :)

Merasia was still too timid to sit on his lap, but she did take a candy cane from him when he offered one to her, and she did sit in the chair next to him, and was happy, which usually she won't even step foot near him for the past year or two. This was definitely a slight advancement! 

Kendall was asleep by the time we got to the store, and was still sleeping when we got inside the store, so she was half asleep when she sat on Santa's lap. It was still cute, though! ;)

I'm sure we will see Santa again before the year is over, but this was a fun first trip for this Christmas season. Tomorrow we will venture out to get our Christmas tree. I dug the decorations out of the basement this afternoon and the kids have been talking about the Christmas tree and everything alllllll afternoon and evening. Pictures sure to come from that fun tomorrow! 

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