Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas 2013!

We had a great Christmas this year. Just several weeks ago we weren't sure we would have Christmas together as a family this year because of some very personal events that were going on, so it was a nice relief to be able to celebrate it together the way it should be. 

Hubs didn't spend the night here Christmas Eve, so it was a little bit different than past years, but we made it work! Santa arrived late Christmas night....

The kids and I were up bright and early Christmas morning (at 5:30!!)! I let them have the goodies from their stockings to have a little something to play with and keep them occupied until we went to get daddy and could open their big presents. They were so excited with their little trinkets and goodies!

They got new hats and mittens, snacks, fun little cars and trucks, and little coloring activity books with crayons.

After we were done with that, we all loaded up in the van and drove to Mimi's house to see her and daddy and get their presents from mimi.

Merasia is IN LOVE with the art set Mimi got her, and the boys love the trucks and the bigger flatbed truck they got, along with all of their cool, new animal hats from Mimi! Kendall is a big fan of her new teether as well.... ;)

When we were done there, daddy came back home with us and we got to opening the loot Santa left here at home!

I think it's safe to say Connor's favorite present was his Spider Man Skateboard...I think his face says it all, right? ;)

Merasia was IN LOVE with her Sofia the First castle and figurines, new dress up heels, and her Lamby (Doc McStuffins). Mason loves his dress up set from Jake and the Neverland Pirates, along with his talking Jake figurine and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fun toy. Connor was allll decked out with Spiderman loot! He got a Spiderman that crawls up windows, and another that shoots out his web at a target, along with his own Spiderman dress up set! Everyone was very satisfied with their new goodies! Kendall got a new learning table, along with her new pal Violet the Dog and some other fun little toys to play with and crawl around with. I think her favorite thing was the wrapping paper though....

After hanging out at home, playing with new toys, and taking the tree out and cleaning up, we headed to m in law's house for presents and a delicious Christmas ham dinner. The boys scored monster trucks, and the girls scored matching beautiful Princess dresses, along with a new Princess table and chairs set that doubles as a Princess tower/castle for Merasia and a new Spiderman sweatshirt for Connor.

All in all, it was a great Christmas, though I am glad it is over and I can (somewhat) relax...for another 12 days or so until the twin's 5th birthday! 

And let me tell you...if there is ever a time to get rid of your children's old toys and books, it's Christmas day. They are so excited over their new stuff, they don't care what they get rid of from their old toys and books! I went through everything with each of the kids, and they wanted to get rid of things I never thought they would want to part with! It made it SO easy and now there's a ton of room to fit all their new stuff! 

Now, on to a 5th birthday party planning in the new year....I have a Spiderman and Sofia the First party to get planning and together in just a couple of weeks. Craziness but oh so fun and worth it!

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