Saturday, December 28, 2013

Miss 6 Months!

Guess who turned 6 months old a couple of weeks ago?

Yep! That's right! Our baby princess turned 6 months this month! It's hard to believe 6 months have passed since she blessed our lives with her presence, and that in 6 more short months, we will be celebrating her first birthday!

I feel like she has accomplished SO much this month alone, it's hard to keep track!

She is getting closer and closer to sitting unassisted. She can for short minutes at a time before toppling over or getting wobbly.

She isn't crawling or creeping yet, but she sure gets around pretty good by turning herself when she is on her belly. She spins herself all around to get to something she wants. She pushes up on her arms sometimes like she is gearing up to try and crawl but hasn't quite figured out the rest of it to actually get herself somewhere.

She also mastered holding her own bottle recently! She is a pro at this and almost seems to prefer "feeding herself" these days, which is bittersweet for this mama!

Kendall celebrated her first big holiday this month, Christmas! She got lots of fun new goodies from Santa, like some new snacks to try and new toys to check out and play with.

Perhaps one of the most exciting most recent developments for Kendall is she just cut her very first TOOTH!!! I don't have a photo of that quite yet since it literally just popped through on Christmas day or the day after, but it's definitely there! It's the bottom left. I'm sure all the chewing she has done these past couple of weeks helped pop that tooth through....

Another discovery Kendall has made this month is her feet. If she's sitting up in her bouncer or laying on her back, she always picks her legs up to grab her feet and even tries eating them. So cute!

She eats about 7 ounces per bottle every few hours, although I think she just hit a growth spurt or something this weekend because she ate 21 ounces in just a few hours time. She also gets her delicious baby food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner....usually one jar per meal but sometimes, like last night, it's two jars for one meal. She's quite the little piggy...and the thigh rolls don't lie...

She is currently in 12 month clothing, but those are getting a little snug on her so 18 months it is! She is definitely my fastest growing and chubbiest baby yet! 

At her 6 month check up in the beginning of the month, she was 17 pounds exactly...she must be pushing 19 by now with how much she has been eating lately! 

Kendall is one of the happiest babies! I have been really lucky in that all of my babies have been pretty well mannered, content, easy going, and happy babies. Kendall is definitely no exception to that. She really only gets fussy or upset when she is hungry, gets tired, or her older brothers or sister are bothering her or beating up on her. Other than that, she is always gabbing away, smiling, cooing, giggling, and just plain happy!

I almost forgot to mention that just last month, at 5 months old, she said her first word: "Hi!" Complete with the most adorable wave EVER. ;) It was so clear and just to be sure, hubs kept waving at her and saying hi, just to see if she would keep doing it or if it was a coincidence, but she did it two or three more times after, so it was definitely the real thing! She will still wave if you wave at her and she just started reaching for people when she wants to go to them or wants to give someone snuggles. It's the sweetest thing! Kendall is just a sweet little angel and melts my heart every second! I can't wait to see what she does or how she grows and advances in the next few months, as sad as it is that my baby is growing up. 

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