Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving and Other News!

We have had a busy few weeks, full of wonderful smiles and new, exciting, and oh-so-adorable accomplishments!

Connor still isn't sitting up or pulling up quite yet, but he is getting close! We just have to keep reminding ourselves that he is a month or so behind on development since they were born a month early. It's hard to remember that when he is so advanced for his "age" in other departments. He is creeping allllll over the place, getting into everything, but he is such a good boy! He smiles and laughs allll the time, eats well, and sleeps beautifully through the night and for nap times. He is an absolute joy in every sense of the word. He just started reaching for people when he wants you to take him or pick him up. He did it to my mom the other night and did it to Frank last night. It's adorable. And he tries to give kisses, and it's the funniest thing! He also cut his 5th tooth a few weeks ago and the 6th one is close too!

Merasia is SO CLOSE to WALKING! She started pulling herself up a few weeks ago, and lately she has been testing the waters and pulling herself up, holding on with only one hand, and a few times, she has even let go completely and stood holding on to nothing for a few seconds! She took a few steps while holding on to her walker last night, and will cruise around people and furniture all the time. It won't be long, I'm sure! The only issue is that she has some small black and blues on her butt from pulling up and then falling hard on the floor or falling on toys. Poor girl! Sometimes she will crawl to me to pick her up. I love that. It really makes me feel like a mama then, to have your baby love you so much to WANT's hard to explain but as they get older, like the age they are now, it's a big reality check that I am their mama and they LOVE me and WANT me. Better enjoy it and soak it up before the teen years hit!! ;-) Anyway, she has 4 teeth and loves to laugh and smile. She crawls once in a while, but she knows she can get places faster if she just drops to her belly and creeps. And she just learned how to clap! It's the most cutest thing I have ever seen! Every time you look at her and say "yaaaay!" she starts smiling and clapping! She claps at the weirdest times and even claps when she is upset and crying sometimes. Silly girl! She naps pretty well also, and sleeps well at night, most of the time. She used to sleep beautifully through the night right along with Connor when they were about 6.5 or 7 months, and then she started teething. After she cut 4 teeth though, I figured she would go back to sleeping through the night, but it's not as good as it used to be. She will usually go right back to sleep with her paci replaced and her seahorse turned on when she does wake up though, but sometimes we give her a little tough love and let her be when she wakes and cries or fusses, and eventually, she puts herself back to sleep, and last night and the night before, she has slept beautifully all night, so maybe she is getting back on track. I still can't complain compared to some babies, though, so I will take what I can get. :-)

We are working on weaning off of bottles and on to sippy cups! We started this a month or so ago, using some cheap sippy cups from Walmart with silicone nipples. They did very well with those! They don't do as well with the Playtex hard sippy cups with the valves in them, but they do well with the Nuby silicone nippled sippies and the Take and Toss sippies. At first, they didn't like the Take and Toss cups, but we tried it again tonight, and Connor ate all 8 oz. from it and Merasia did 3 or 4 oz. and then I had to put the rest in her other sippy that she is more used to, but hey, it's a start! They normally have 4 bottles a day, and two of those are with sippies. We give them bottles for their first feeding of the day because they are usually more hungry then since they haven't eaten all night, and we give them bottles at their last feeding because it's comforting for bed time. We plan on making the day before their first birthday as their last day with any bottles. We will see! I think it will be fine, though. :-)

Merasia has given us a couple of scares as far as choking goes. One day she somehow found a candy wrapper on the floor and got it in her mouth. She started choking and I patted her back to help her, and she seemed fine and was breathing and stuff, so I tried to give her her bottle. She refused it so I knew something was wrong. I took the bottle away and she started crying and screaming, and Frank could see in her mouth and saw the wrapper in the back of her throat and quickly got his finger in her mouth to get it out, thank GOD! It was so scary but she was fine after. Then, the other day, the leg on our table broke and there was a bolt on the floor from it that we didn't see in time. She got it and I could see her chewing something but I was making dinner and thought she had gotten a piece of cheese off the floor or something. I went to give her her bottle, and she started choking, coughing, and gagging, so I quickly picked her up and patted her on the back and she spit it up, thank GOD again! Those moments were SO scary! It just goes to show how much you REALLY have to be careful about what is on the floor and things that they can get a hold of. I know we have many more of those moments in our future as parents, though. Somehow, children manage to find things you didn't even know were there!

We will be celebrating the twins' first Thanksgiving this weekend, and we can't wait. We are having dinner with our friends and this will be the first time the twins' will experience real table food instead of finger foods and pureed stuff. I can't wait to see how they react and what they like and don't like!

I know I say it all the time, but I have to say it again...I cannot believe my babies will be one in such a short time. It blows my mind and doesn't seem possible! I am trying to savor each and every moment, as it is going by all too fast. ♥

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