Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ecover Review & Giveaway

I am always on the lookout for natural home or beauty products. One thing I do a lot of is laundry, with 3 little ones, and most of the time, there's tons of stain removal to get done, especially for Mason and his messiness!

I have tried numerous products from my local grocery stores that claim to work on tough stains but they either work only a little bit and the stain may fade but is still visible, or they don't work whatsoever! I am a big fan of Arm and Hammer laundry detergent, and swear by it, and for most stains, it works really really well.

I recently came across Ecover laundry detergent, and was very interested in trying it out. I was sent a bottle of Ecover's new Sunny Day liquid laundry detergent to review. Since I have tried so many different products in the past, I was doubtful I'd see much difference with this one either.

From their website:

"The crisp, summery scent from our Sunny Day Fabric Softener is available in the new Laundry Liquid, now 2.5x concentrated. This plant-based formulation is gentle on clothes with half the dose! "

The first thing that struck me with this detergent was that it has a very pleasant scent, but not too strong so that it's overwhelming. I tried some natural cleaning and laundry products a couple of years ago, but the smell was rather disgusting, so this was a very pleasant surprise.

I got right to work testing out this product. I had several shirts of Mason's that had poop, food, and dirt stains on them, and a leotard for Merasia for dance class that I found second hand, but it had a spaghetti sauce stain right in the dead center of it. I was worried it wouldn't come out, since I assumed the previous owner's had washed it and couldn't get it out, but I must have assumed wrong.

I threw this leotard in with my load of wash using Ecover detergent, and much to my very, very pleasant surprise when I went to switch the laundry into the dryer, the stain was GONE! Also much to my even more pleasant surprise, all of Mason's clothes that had tough stains in them were completely white and nice and clean again! They looked as good as NEW! The only thing I regret is that I didn't have my camera ready to snap before and after pictures of the clothing to prove just how much of an awesome job this detergent really does!

I definitely did not expect such great results, but I was (and still am!) ecstatic over this detergent!

There are so many benefits to this product. As I already mentioned, it definitely brightens clothes and tackles tough stains, but it's also made from all plant based ingredients, so there's no harsh chemicals that can he terrible on little skin! There is absolutely no chlorine, no phosphates, and no optical brighteners in Ecover laundry detergent, and it's also biodegradable, suitable and safe for septic tanks, and not tested on animals, which are huge and important benefits.

This product gets an A++ in my book, and comes highly recommended from me! This is truly every mama's dream when tackling dirty laundry!

Purchase It: You can purchase this laundry detergent and other natural products from Ecover at their website or a retailer near you.

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Unknown said...

So great to hear that Ecover's Sunny Day Liquid Detergent gets an A++ in your book! We are thrilled to read that you had such wonderful results ... especially with that spaghetti sauce stain! Thank you for taking the time to try the product and to share your thoughts on your blog!
-Deb for Ecover