Saturday, February 4, 2012

Potty, Potty, and More Potty..

Potty training is going well! I can still say that Connor and Merasia are pretty much day trained. They are still in undies all day, no diapers, and have little to no accidents. Poop is still a work in progress, but that's okay, we are just dealing with it as it comes. Connor did have another poop on the potty last week though!! But they still have at least one poop accident a day in their undies. We will get there though! :-)

Nap time is still in undies, and most of the time, they wake up dry and pee right after in the potty. Tonight we went and did a little shopping, and they wore undies instead of diapers, and both asked to use the potty at the store, an definitely went!

Night time is still a work in progress too, but I'm not too worried about it. The average age for being fully trained isn't until 3.5 - 4 years old anyway, so we still have plenty of time, and hubby and I are fine just taking our time getting there without pushing them. :-)

On a side note...Mason is 11 months today! Updated post on Monkey man coming soon...


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