Monday, February 6, 2012

Mason at 11 Months Old!

It's that time again...another special post for Mason. :-)

Mason turned 11 months old on Saturday! I cannot believe we are less then a month away from his first birthday! He has grown and changed so much, it's unbelievable. 

Mason weighs between 18-20 lbs (we haven't had a recent doctor's appointment to get an exact weight yet) and is about 29ish inches. He is a tall, skinny boy!

I don't even know where to begin on Mason!

He has been standing up for many months now, and loves it. If he's not moving around or sleeping, he's standing up on anything and everyone! He loves to sneak into the bathroom if he catches the door open, and stand up on the tub. When we are getting the kids' bath water ready, he stands up and reaches down to splash in the water. He did this the last time we were getting ready for bath time, and much to his and our surprise, he fell right over into the tub head first! He didn't get too scared, and didn't get hurt, but it did give us all a great laugh! :-) He absolutely LOVES bath time! He will stay in forever if we let him! We let him bathe with his brother and sister, and he loves playing with them, laughing at them, an splashing in the water. He has been a fan of water though, even at just a few months old when we took him to the beach.

Sometimes he crawls, other times he does the "army crawl" wherever he wants to get somewhere. No walking yet, but he does travel in between furniture or people while he is standing and will take steps if he is holding on to someone's hands. 

He no longer likes baby food. He refuses it completely. Daycare told me they had been trying for a couple of weeks and he kept refusing it, and he had done the same thing to me a few times, but I always thought he just wasn't hungry the times I tried. So I have been sending him with leftovers from our dinners the night before to daycare and he loooves that. He wants everything we eat now instead, which does make meal times slightly easier. 

His favorite foods are: green beans, peas, chicken, steak, crackers, Gerber puffs and little crunchy snacks, yogurt melts, bananas, potatoes, french fries, hot dogs, pasta, hamburg, ice cream (just a tiny bit!), flavored oatmeal, cheerios, pears, apples, and tons more! We actually went out for pizza last night, and he grabbed a piece left over from some of his sister's pizza and showed down. And he tried to grab daddy's tuna grinder and was successful at stealing some lettuce and black olives. :-) He is not a very picky eater, and has a hearty appetite, just like his daddy! ;-)

He says a lot of words but most are not quite intelligible just yet..daddy, da da, mama (rarely!), ba ba, and tons of other babbles and jibberish.

He loves to just sit and play with his toys, or we often find him wandering into his brother and sister's room to see what they are doing and play with them and their "big kid" toys. He loves to climb up on their beds and play too, or look at their books. Or, rather....EAT their books. ;-)

He is such a happy baby! He is always smiling, talking, laughing and hamming it up for the camera!

Here he is with mommy's glasses on:

He likes to try and help mommy fold the laundry.....

Or re-organize his changing table....

Or make dinner.....

He definitely keeps us on our toes!

He even had his first experience in a bounce house this past month!

He gives big, wet, messy, open mouth kisses to anyone he can get his hands on, loves to clap, clap, clap, and waves to anyone who will pay attention.

We are working on weaning from the bottle, and it's not an issue. We just need to get some larger cups that hold more of his formula because he drinks it so quickly. :-) The twins were weaned from bottles completely, day and night, by 10 months and Mason will definitely be weaned by a year or before. For now, he drinks about 3 8 ounce bottles a day, and sometimes 1 during the night. He takes 1 or 2 naps a day, and doesn't have any trouble going down to sleep without any help. 

Here, he had just woke up from a nap and was too cute to NOT snap a pic! He wasn't so impressed....

He usually goes to bed for the night between 7 and 8, sometimes wakes once for a bottle, and wakes up for the day around 7....8 if he's being extra nice to mama! ;-)

He has changed so much and is just a complete blast to play with and watch every single second.  I cannot believe he is going to be a year! It has flown by but I have been lucky enough to soak it all up as much as possible and not miss a single second. 

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