Monday, March 5, 2012

4th Baby Itch!

I've got the itch.....

For another baby!

It's awful how bad this itch creeps in sometimes! I do have to say though, it was worse right after the twins turned 1....we were going to wait to try for number 3 after the twins turned a year old, but ended up starting to try when they were 10 or 11 months because we were so eager and the itch ate us up!

Of course we didn't conceive Mason for quite a few months, but still....the itch was unbearable at times. 

While the itch is here right now, it's not as overwhelming or eating us up....yet.

When we discussed having children long before the twins were born, we agreed on 4. Now that we have 3 and are coming up on trying for number 4, it's sad to think of being done. I LOVE being pregnant. I have fairly easy and mild pregnancies.

Getting pregnant is a whole other story. All 3 of our current children were conceived with help from fertility drugs, and the 4th will most likely be the same. While it's not ideal and it's very controversial, it's what works for us, and it's what we feel is meant to be for us and our lifestyle. Besides, having children, regardless of how they get conceived, with a little extra help or not, is better then NOT having any children at all. 

I never have awful morning sickness, and I don't get too uncomfortable. I do get pretty exhausted with my pregnancies, but that's nothing compared to some women's never ending sickness or worse issues. So, pregnancy is very enjoyable for me.

And when it comes to the big labor and delivery day, I LOVE every single second! Yes, I said LOVE. I love the excitement at the end of pregnancy leading up to the big day....the uncertainty of when and how it will happen is so exciting. And then when it does finally happen, I just love it. I love the contractions and knowing how each one is getting us closer and closer to meeting the new addition to our family. I love when it's time to push and you work so hard to get that beautiful baby out, and then NOTHING ever tops the moment when that beautiful, amazing, tiny living being is placed on your chest and you meet for the very first time. I would give ANYTHING to experience that over and over and over and over again. If I could emotionally do it, and not get attached, I would be a surrogate without a second thought, because I love it so much. 

Everyone tells me I'm crazy for saying that. I know I am, but I also know I am not the only one who feels this way. There are thousands of other women who feel the same way. It just depends on who you talk to or who you know.

A lot of people who know me say I only love it so much because I have short labors (4.5 hours for the twins and Mason). But even I had 50 hour labors, I would STILL love it and WANT to do it over and over again. It's just something that "fits" me well and really "agrees" with me and my body and my life. And let me just say...just because I have had short, quick labors does NOT mean my labors are any easier then a 30 hour labor. They hurt just as bad (and are worse than longer labors in some ways, as shorter labors are more rapid and there is no time in between to rest or anything, like there is in longer labors). 

With Mason just turning a year old, that 4th baby itch is really creeping in. We aren't as anxious as we were at this time with the twins, but it's getting there. I just can't wait to add to our beautiful family.

Wanting a 4th (or any other number, for that matter) does not mean we don't enjoy the children we have, or that we love them any less. In fact, we have such huge hearts and so much love to give, then why not spread it and share it and add yet another beautiful little being to our loving family? 

While we are of course not pregnant yet, and are not actively trying, you can be sure that there will be an announcement for a baby number 4 in the future! :-)

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punky005 said...

Good luck with conceiving your 4th when you make the decision to TTC! We have a 9 month old daughter that was conceived using fertility meds. I'm very thankful that the medicine was there so that we would have the opportunity to have children.