Thursday, March 29, 2012

Discovery Bay Games Review & Giveaway!

I haven't played a board game in YEARS, so when I got the opportunity to review a game from Discover Bay Games, I was super excited!

Discovery Bay Games has a huge selection of games and puzzles to choose from, for all ages! It was so hard to choose, but I did eventually make a decision, and decided on the game Martini.

Connor and Merasia aren't quite at the age where they are interested in games, or where they understand how to play games, so I figured getting a more adult game would be fun for us and on the rare occasion we have friends over for a few drinks and hanging out. Notice I said RARE? That's why it has taken me so long to get this review and giveaway up and running, because it's not often we have the time or energy to entertain company. We did finally have the chance to try out this game last week, and it's not that bad! The directions were fairly easy to follow.

Contained in this game are 4 drink dice, 52 playing cards, 20 olive tokens, and 1 martini shaker. 

The cards come in varieties, such as type (dry, double, or dirty):

spirit (gin, vodka, or tequila):

action (shaken, stirred, or stand):

and garnish (olive, twist, or onion):

There are also some miscellaneous and wild cards contained in the deck:

To begin this game, each player gets four cards face down. The rest of the cards create the draw pile. The olives get placed to the side, to create the "olive jar." One player shakes the four dice in the shaker cup and rolls them onto the table to determine the Martini drink that must be made for the first round. Once the dice are rolled, they are placed in order of type, spirit, action, and garnish. After the dice are rolled, each player checks their hand and if they have cards that match the drink order, those cards get placed face down on the table. Wild cards can be played to match the Martini order. The play then moves counter clockwise, and begins with each player drawing one new card from the draw pile. You continue placing one card down per your turn if it matches the drink order, and end you turn by choosing a card for the discard pile. The first "Bartender" to complete the perfect matching drink order calls out the drink and ends the first round. The winner also receives  2 olives from the olive jar, and the first bartender to collect 5 olives wins the game!

It's pretty simple, right? We had fun playing this game with friends, and though we never ended up finishing (alcohol was involved, what can I say?), it was still lots of fun and easy to play, which is always a positive. I am totally turned away from games that have lots of instructions or are hard to understand and follow, and that makes me not want to play them at all, but this game was one of the best I have played in a long time, and I am sure it will get a lot of use out of us!

Purchase it: You can purchase this game and many others at Discovery Bay Games website.

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