Saturday, March 3, 2012

For Connor & Merasia

With Mason's birthday in a little over 24 hours, he will be getting his special "letter" post. Every year on the kids birthdays, I post them a "letter" about the previous year, and the current one. It's just a special way to commemorate them and the past year and milestones we shared with them. When they are older, they can look back on it and appreciate it as well. But I'd hate for anyone to feel left out,'s yet another update on Connor and Merasia and their exciting life. ;-)

In the short time since the twins turned 3, we have seen so many changes in them and their personalities. They are like real little adults sometimes!

Connor, Connor, Connor. He is so much like his daddy, it's scary sometimes. He has always been a little behind his sister with certain developmental milestones, but he catches on quickly and never lets her forget that HE is older and HE is the boss. He is getting much more better with his language development and using his words when he wants or needs something. Well, he has always been good at using his words...but I guess now we are better to understand him better, so his language skills have really took off. He is so very helpful around the house, too. He loves to help vacuum or do the dishes. Mommy isn't complaining! ;-) 

He is working on getting the potty thing down, but we are on HIS schedule as far as that goes, so when he says he is ready, then he's ready. He weighs about 34.2 lbs. and is around 38 inches tall. He is a skinny minny though! Hubs and I joke often about his skinny chicken legs. Poor little guy! ;-) He is an excellent and helpful big brother and just loves Mason to pieces. While he's playing, he will just stop and kiss Mason out of nowhere, and then go back to playing. So sweet! He loves to play with Mason and make him laugh and Mason just adores him. Connor definitely has his not so nice moments though. He has an awful temper sometimes, and will hit, push, pull Merasia's hair, or bite when he gets REALLY upset or frustrated. He knows the consequences of those actions though! He is just a joy to have and brings so much happiness and brightness into our lives and home. 

And then there's Merasia.....

She keeps us on our toes every day! She is sweet, energetic, funny, frustrating, naughty, and nice all rolled into one! Her language has gotten sooo good since she has turned 3, and she says EVERYTHING. Anything anyone says to her, she will repeat...which can be good or bad! She is very good at telling us what she wants or needs, or telling other people what she wants or needs. She has recently gotten very good at asserting herself and telling Connor "No touch!", "No push!", or "No hit me!" when he starts getting frustrated and gets mean. She started dance class back in January, and just loooves it. She loves to dance, anytime, anywhere, and to any music! She's always telling me "Mommy I want to shake my booby" (BOOTY!) LOL She is fully potty trained. That's a huuuge step, and a HUGE decrease in diapers, so I don't even care how long it takes her to get night trained or stay dry at night time. I know she won't be 4 or 5 years old and still wetting the bed, so I don't even bother trying anything at night. I'm not going to get up 4 times a night for her to use the potty. So when she is able to stay dry at night, I will know it when she wakes up dry, and we will go from there. No hurry! When we go out anywhere, we take their small potty with us so if we need to stop on a long drive for a potty break, we don't have to wait until we come by a rest stop or gas station to go potty and take the chance of having accidents. We can stop anywhere on the side of the road and let them use their potty, and then be back on our way. It works out well! Both twins have used public restrooms though, when we are in stores and such. I'm not too worried about that, though. I have used public bathrooms my entire life and am still alive and disease free! LOL I always knew she'd be the first to be potty trained. People say boys are harder, but I don't think Connor is harder then Merasia to potty train. If anything, he used to be the easy one! They just all have their own pace and when they want to be trained, they will be. That's all. :-) 

Merasia is also a big help around the house. She will help pick up toys, help do the dishes, help sweep or mop the floors, dust, or fold laundry. Of course it's not always up to mama's standards, but it's the thought that counts! She is also an excellent big sister! Most of the time... ;-) She has a BIG temper and sometimes has tantrums that last for an hour before she finally snaps out of it and gets over it. She definitely tests our patients and her limits daily, but at the end of the day, she knows who the bosses are and what her boundaries are. But, just like her brother, she is a joy to have and brings so much happiness and brightness into our lives and home.

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