Sunday, March 4, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday, Mason ♥

Dear Mason, 

A year and a half ago, our lives changed yet again, in a very big way. Your brother and sister were a year and a half, and we had started trying to conceive a few months before that. I had taken a couple pregnancy tests, but they were negative. And at that time in our lives, we thought it was a good thing. Some things had transpired that made our lives very unstable, financially. So we knew it was better to wait to try adding any more little ones to our family. But fate had other plans....

I was going to continue taking some medication from my doctor, to continue to get my monthly cycle. It had never been regular, and I wanted to keep getting it with this particular medication, so when the time came to try to conceive number 3 again, I would be semi-ready as far as that went. Before I started the medication, my midwife suggested taking a pregnancy test, to make extra sure. I knew I wasn't pregnant, so this wasn't a big deal for me. I woke up that next morning, and took the test. It was first thing in the morning, and I took Merasia to the bathroom with me, because she was awake and your brother and daddy were still sound asleep. I took the test, left it on the counter, and went about getting dressed. I glanced down a minute or so later, and there was no denying that strong, bright second line. IT WAS POSITIVE. I was shocked! Apparently the test I had taken a few weeks earlier was negative because it was too early to detect at that time. There was no mistaking this test! As shocked as I was, and as much of a bad time as it was in our lives then (we were living with your auntie), I knew there was a reason this had happened, and that somehow, we'd figure it all out and everything would be okay. I was quickly excited at the thought of adding to our family. I hugged your sister and then daddy came into the bathroom and I told him. He was shocked too, but happy!

We were giddy with excitement, nervousness, anticipation, and in shock that this was happening again for us! We spent the next 8.5 months getting ready for you. We went to all the appointments that still felt familiar to us, had a million ultrasounds done, asked all the questions, and read all the books over again. We had a small scare in our 16th week when we had routine testing done. Some test results came back slightly elevated for spina bifida. We were scared, but our minds were put to east the following week when a detailed ultrasound showed a healthy, beautiful, perfect baby boy. 

We bought all the stuff we would need for your arrival. Your bed, blankets, a bouncy seat, a swing, a car seat and stroller, bottles, clothes, and the list goes on and on.

We were told your arrival would be around February 24th, 2011. Your daddy's birthday! 

The weeks and months went by, some faster then others. We moved into a new apartment, and though we struggled financially still, things slowly started to get easier and better. Your daddy got a great, new job, and everything started to fall into place. 

We all thought you would be making an early appearance, but you definitely had other plans. 

Around the beginning of March, I started having many more signs that your arrival was near. (I will spare those details until you are old enough to understand certain bodily fluids/functions... ;-) )

On March 3, daddy suggested we spend the night at a friend's house, Jenn and Terry's. He had to work very early the next morning, and their house was closer to work then ours was. And, he figured if you decided to arrive that night or the next day, I wouldn't be alone. That was one of the best decisions he could have made...

We woke up the next morning, and I felt like I was having contractions off and on for a few hours. I knew something was happening that day. By 11:30 a.m., my water broke. Four and a half hours later, you were placed on my chest, and we met for the first time. You were perfect. It was another of the most amazing, beautiful, emotional experience of our lives, and we'll never forget it.

We've spent this first year making important decisions that were good for you and your well being, we've cared for you, nurtured you, taught you, and learned from you. You make everyday worth living to the fullest, and you make everyday a little more brighter with your endless supply of smiles, giggles, and shenanigans.

Now, you are crawling all over the place. You are FAST, too! You aren't yet walking, but have taken a few steps here or there and are trying really hard! You are pulling up to stand on anything and everything. You have about 10 teeth. (Maybe more, but you never let me get a good look in there!) You had your first Christmas a few months ago, and you were absolutely adorable, tearing apart each present just to crawl away and play by yourself with your bits of wrapping paper you managed to steal away. You don't always sleep through the night, though. Sometimes you wake up once or twice for a cup of milk or some water. You take one or two wonderful naps during the day. You have an appetite like no other, and shove as much food as possible into your itty bitty mouth. You decided you no longer enjoyed baby food a few months ago, and we have been feeding you all of the same stuff as us since then. You spent 4 months breast feeding, and then were on formula for the rest of your first year. You started teething at 4 months, and popped your first 4 teeth, and when that happened, you decided you had had enough of breastfeeding. It was harder on mommy, as I did enjoy breastfeeding you, but it was okay. You have been in disposable diapers from day one, and we wouldn't have it any other way. You've (accidently, I might add) fallen off mommy and daddy's bed once, (you were only a few weeks old!). You have a temper like your daddy's, (hehe), and when your sister, brother, or one of us takes a toy or food away before you are done with it, you hit and kick the floor, and scream at the top of your lungs. You thoroughly enjoy bath time, especially when we put you in the tub with your big brother and big sister. You shake your head no, you say "da-da," "ma-ma," "ba-ba," among other jibbers and babbles. You clap and wave, laugh and giggle, and give wonderful, precious (yet slimy) open mouth kisses.

We will be setting off soon to celebrate your birthday with friends and family. You'll eat your first bite of cake and ice cream, and of course open some cool new presents.

You weigh 20 pounds, and are 30 inches tall.

You wear between a size 5-6 shoe, and a size 3 diaper.

We call you our miracle baby, since we were not expecting you, but you came at the most special time for us, and helped brighten such a dark and depressing year in our lives.

You are the most beautiful, wonderful, precious baby we have ever seen, and we could never imagine the world, our family, or our life without you in it. You never cease to amaze us and we look forward to the adventures in store as we embark on our second year with you.

We love you.

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