Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Apple Picking, 2013!

While I don't like that summer is ending, fall is here and reminding me everyday that snow, cold, and winter is just around the corner, I do love the activities that come with the fall season.

One favorite activity of our family every fall is apple picking. A few years ago when I was pregnant with Mason, we wanted to go apple picking for our first time. We found a nice orchard close by where we lived, and since we were very budgeted on money that year, it was crucial to find a place close by and affordable. We loved it so much, we have continued to go back each fall and pick apples. 

We just went last weekend, and came away with five pounds of apples! It's only $1 a pound for most varieties of apples where we go. There are only two kinds that are $2 a pound instead  so it's very cheap and reasonable, and such a fun experience!

The orchard is on a farm, and it's a beautiful little place out in the country on the back road. Families are encouraged to bring a picnic and spend the day enjoying scenery and everything else they have to offer. 

This was Kendall's first apple picking experience and she was a perfectly behaved princess the whole time! ;)

All of the kids dove in head first with their bags and apples, and had a complete blast!

The kids absolutely LOVE apple picking! Of course, they love munching on their fair share of apples in the process....

In the end, we left with five pounds of apples, a dozen of freshly made cider donuts, and more memories for this year an a great beginning to the fall season!

We will be making another trip to this orchard in the coming weeks for some pumpkin picking!

Oh, and the apples we got from picking? Several have been made into homemade apple crisp and my first ever apple pie from scratch, and the kids are making a good dent in pigging out on what's left! We may need to make one last apple picking trip for the season!

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Mary said...

Yum! I can't wait to take my little ones apple picking. Looks like you guys had fun!