Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pumpkin Art Night!

We are in full Halloween festivity mode in our house! Not only have we done leaf jumping and pumpkin picking and carving, but we did Malloween last weekend, along with Pumpkin Art Night. Pumpkin Art Night is another event in our area put on by our local family center. It's a fun night for kids of all ages to dress up in costume, carve and decorate pumpkins, make trick or treat bags, and just have a fun, festive time!

We have gone to this event for the past couple of years and it's always a great time! We didn't bother carving or decorating pumpkins this year since we had already done that at home, but the kids still had fun doing all of the other activities and seeing some of their friends.

We got all dressed up for the event, and we got SO many compliments on our costumes and the theme and idea! All 4 kiddos were ADORABLE!

A short time after we were at Pumpkin Art Night, Mason got sick. He had a snack when we got there, but when we sat down for the kids to start decorating a trick or treat bag, he kept asking for his costume to come off, or holding his belly. He let out a big burp and then threw up some on himself and his trick or treat bag. We thought it was just a bad gas bubble, and he had just ate so his snack wasn't fully digested and just came back up. He acted okay for a little while after that, enough to finish his trick or treat bag and go through the line to fill his bag with fun little toys, stickers, and other Halloween trinkets. 

After filling the kid's treat bags, we were trying to decide if we were going to stay for the special story time and sing a long that was coming up, or if we were ready to head home. While we were deciding that, Mason got sick again ALL. OVER. THE. FLOOR. And himself. I wisked him off to the bathroom to take his costume off and clean him up as best I could while Frank and our friend Ashley stayed with the other kids and got the floor cleaned up. Mason seemed fine after that, running around and playing like normal. 

We stayed for the story time and all of the kid's loved it. I think their favorite part though, was getting to pick two FREE books after the story time. There were SO many of their favorite books to choose from, so they were in Heaven! My kids LOVE LOVE LOVE books, and I am SO glad for that! They got some good ones too, such as Mason's favorite, "The Very Hungry Caterpillar." 

After we were done with that, we loaded everyone back in the van and stopped for take out on the way home. We got everyone home and sat down to eat, and it wasn't long after eating some of his dinner that Mason was sick again and threw up what he had just put down his mouth. Once again, after he was done throwing up he was running around, jumping, talking, yelling, and playing like his normal self. We eventually got everyone changed and in bed for the night, and Mason was fine all night and fine the rest of the weekend, so who knows what could have been wrong. I am chalking it up to something he ate just didn't settle right with him, or he swallowed something he shouldn't have (a pumpkin seed, perhaps?), and that just upset his little tummy. I don't care which was the cause, I am simply glad it wasn't any worse, he has been perfectly fine ever since, and nobody else has gotten sick! (Knock on wood). 

Throw up and all, Pumpkin Art Night was a success all around, and tons of fun, as always! We look forward to going next year!

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