Sunday, May 9, 2010

16 Months!

Guess who turned 16 months today?

They are learning and growing more and more everyday!

Connor is still not walking, but he's getting close! He's not delayed and there is nothing wrong, he's just too afraid to let go and take the chance. But, he will soon. He stood by himself for a couple seconds earlier tonight. :-) He weighs about 22 pounds and is about 31+ inches tall. They haven't been weighed or measured in a while, so those are very rough estimates. He says mama, dada, daddy, hi, hey, uh oh, good girl, kitty, ohhh, ba (ball? lol), nigh-nigh (night night), and some other babbles that we haven't figured out yet! He waves all the time, and is a huuuuge flirt with any lady he sees. He has 13 or 14 teeth...I have lost count after all of these months, but he has two more coming verrrry soon! He loves to bob his head up and down when he hears music, and shake his little butt and clap. He has gone PEE in the POTTY twice! He is such a happy boy, always laughing, talking, and smiling, and will play quietly for hours. He has a very large appetite, and I really have no idea where he puts it all...he shovels it in like no other and is still so petite!

Merasia is always on the go but has such a fun personality like her brother. She weighs about 23 pounds and is about 31+ inches tall. She says mama, dada, daddy, mommy, hi, hey, uh oh, good girl, kitty, thank you, yeah, what, good, tickle tickle (usually when she copies me and tickles her brother) and some other babbles that we haven't figured out quiiite yet. lol She has gone PEE in the POTTY twice, and has POOPED in the POTTY ONCE! She has 9 or 10 of them is a molar. She loooves to dance and will bust a move wherever she is as soon as she hears music. She also waves all the time, and is so friendly to everyone she meets. She is definitely the social butterfly and I can tell that when she gets older, she is going to be the girl that everybody just loves, because of her personality.

Both of them still sleep beautifully through the night, from about 7 p.m. until 7 or 8 a.m., and are still on their awesome schedule of waking up, getting changed and dressed, eating breakfast, playing, nap, lunch, playing, nap, snack, playing, dinner, and then bed. They are such a joy to be around everyday and I thank God for choosing ME to be their mama. ♥ ♥

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