Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Poor Hubs...

Hubs has been so patient with me lately. I just finished my second round of Provera, and am now waiting on lovely Aunt Flo to finally show her face so we can start the second round of Clomid. The Provera is NOTHING to mess around with, trust me. It's awful crap.

I didn't notice much on the side effects end of things the first month. I take it at night, hoping to avoid side effects should they arise. Reality check: It doesn't help.

I have been EXHAUSTED!! Normally I am a little tired by the end of my busy day and night...but this has been insane! I can't get up in the morning, and when I finally am able to drag myself out of bed, I have zero energy to do anything! That with two very active toddlers does NOT mix well! I HATE feeling so run down and tired and like I don't want to get anything done. Blahhhhh. I *think* it's getting better now that it has been a few days since I stopped the Provera.

Next...I get awful gas! I know that may be slightly TMI for some, but...oh well. If you don't know me by now, I am a very open person and will talk about anything and everything...from sex, sex, and more sex, to polotics, to my beliefs on abortion, and any other debateable topic. So, me saying I get pretty gassy from stupid fertility meds is NOTHING, trust me. (LOL) Anyway...in general, I am not a gassy person, even when I eat certain known "gassy" foods. Now, hubs...he's another story. But aren't all men?

Anywho...more gassy than normal, and it's NOT fun.

Along with the gassiness comes these horribly nasty and sickening "sour burps." I don't know how else to explain them. I used to get them allll the time...when I was younger! And they never came back until my first month on the Provera. I thought nothing of it then, but when it happened last week and I realized I was taking the Provera...it hit me that it's probably from that. Tums don't help...Maalox does though! But that stuff is NASTY!

Lastly...the mood swings. I go from zero to sixty in NO TIME. From happy go lucky to complete BITCH.

And, in the middle of all of this, is my adorable hubs. He has been sooo easy going in dealing with my craziness. He hasn't complained or told me to snap out of it or anything. He knows. I am so thankful to have him! ♥

This round of Clomid BETTER work because I can NOT take another month on Provera...so it either has to work, or Aunt Flo needs to show her face on her own next time. But, I like the first choice better and that's what we're "shooting" for.  (No pun intended) ;-)

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