Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Mother's Day

I had a great Mother's Day this year! It was my second! But...the twins were only 4 months old last year:

So they didn't quite get it, but it was still special for me. The year before that, we were pregnant, but I didn't know it yet. We had done our second round of Clomid and were waiting until the end of the month when we could take a test. So, it was a bad mother's day for me, because (as far as I knew) I wasn't a mother yet. I spent the day down and depressed, and crying tons. If only I knew what would happen in the coming weeks....

Anyway, this year, hubs let me sleep in and he got up with the kiddos. Granted, they sleep 12+ hours every night, but it's not like I go to bed at 7 when they do, so I get 7 or 8 hours and after everything I do allll day, I am still SO exhausted! So, he got up with the twins and helped them color some homemade Mother's Day cards for me, and he signed the card he got for me. And then all 3 of them woke me up and gave me the cards. We lounged for a little bit, and then met my mom for brunch, and that was super yummy! The twins PIGGED out, especially Connor!

(Don't worry, it was an empty creamer packet ;-) )

Here is Connor, munching on some french toast! This was after he had already packed himself PRETTTY full on everything under the sun...and he looks like he's ready to BARF LOL

After brunch, we came home and the twins took a 3 hour nap, and hubs told me to lay down too...I was pooped already! lol He let me keep sleeping while he played with the twins when they finally woke up. When I woke up, we went to The Malt Shop, the best and custest 60's style ice cream shop and restaurant, and hubs got me what I had been craving for WEEKS...the special Malt Shop candy sundae...a choice of two ice creams (I get chocolate chip and chocolate chip cookie dough...hehe), hot fudge, butterscotch (I get no butterscotch...yuck lol), whipped cream, reeses pieces, and a cherry. It's better than the description, TRUST ME!!!! The kiddos had some vanilla ice cream, and then we cameback home. Hubs went out later and came back with two white roses, to symbolize each of the twins, and a pink rose (my favorite color) to comemorate how long I had been a mom (a yearish). I don't have a picture of those but they are soo pretty, I love them. :-) He asked what I wanted for dinner, and since we had already gone out twice, I didn't feel like going out to eat anywhere. I simply wanted hubs homemade yummy pizza. :-) So, that's what he made me, complete with wine and candles. A nice relaxing end to a busy yet beautiful mother's day. ♥

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Margaret said...

Happy belated Mothers Day! I'm glad to see that you had a lot of fun and got to relax:) You totally deserve it!