Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pak Nak Review

Pak Nak's are some of the cutest products I have come along in a long time! They are cute velcro adhesive designs that attach to all of your belongings to personalize them. 

From their website:

"PakNaks are fun soft rubbery 3-D decorations for kids (and adults too!) to personalize all of their stuff. Backpacks, lunchbags, headbands, computer bags, household items, the list is only limited by your imagination.

"How does it work?" you may be asking. We use a super strong adhesive that sticks to all of the stuff in a kid's life.

Each PakNak comes with one of 40 plus designs and customized velcro® that makes them interchangeable, weather resistant and quickly and easily adhered to your surface."

For my review, I received the Robert and Kyla Jane Pak Nak's. 

The Kyla Jane butterfly Pak Nak was perfect with Merasia's recent interest in all things butterflies. I washed up their lunch boxes they use for daycare, and immediately put these Pak Naks on.

They were very very easy to use! There is a plastic covering on the back that peels off for the bottom piece of velcro to attach to whatever product you are decorating.

The design itself has another piece of velcro on the back, and you simply press it firmly onto the other piece that is already on whatever you are decorating...

....And Voila! So very easy to use and super cute too!

Pak Nak's definitely dress up even the most basic lunch box or bag, and the kids love them! They love looking at them and pointing them out to people and playing with them. Their lunch boxes are already cute and dressed up as it is, but these just add an even cuter touch!

I love Pak Nak's and am so glad I found this company and that I had the opportunity to review these products and work with a wonderful company. 

You can purchase Pak Naks at their website or a retailer near you that carries them, which you can also find out on their website.


E*Brake said...

These are cute! Jojo has a fish as his symbol at daycare--- I think I might actually buy their fish sticky!

Blake said...

I'll be doing a giveaway for some of these on Valentine's Day!!! :-)

Megan said...

So cute!! :)

Char W said...

These are really cool and will add some flair to a plain backpack!