Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Father's Day Post

We had a very low key Father's Day, but that was just how my hubby wanted it. He slept in while I got up with the kiddos, and the plan was for him to take Connor fishing while Merasia and Mason stayed home with mommy, and Merasia helped me make cupcakes for daddy. Daddy never eats sweets, but he said he would have a cupcake if the kids made it for him. :-)

Though Frank didn't want to show it, I knew he was really, really excited for this father and son fishing trip. Connor seemed excited too. He was talking about going fishing with daddy and was excited to get changed and get ready to go. Merasia was having a meltdown when Frank and Connor were leaving, because she wanted to go fishing. But she got over it soon after the boys left when I had her help me make cupcakes. 

About a half hour or so after the boys left, Frank called. I could tell by the tone of his voice when he said hi that he wasn't happy. I asked what was wrong and he said Connor was scared and didn't want to go near the water or go fishing at all, and wanted to come home with mommy. I had to laugh! So, I told him to bring him home and take Merasia instead and see if that worked better. After all of that, daddy and Merasia were gone for at least 2 hours or so. Connor and I played outside, ate lunch outside, and just hung out while Mason napped mostly. A little after lunch we took a short walk with our neighbor, and Frank called to tell me they were on their way home and that Merasia had a blast. I heard her yelling in the background that she wanted to talk to mommy. As soon as she got on the phone, she could not stop talking! She was SO excited and kept saying "I caught fishies!" and "Daddy caught big fishies!" "He caught TWO!" and the best one... "Daddy caught RAINBOW fishies!" This, in Merasia language, means rainbow trout. :-)

And then they just had to stop at the store my friend and I were at, because Merasia could not wait to show me the "fishies" they caught. She had actually caught a perch, but it was small and they put it back in the water. But she was super excited for the bigger fishies her daddy caught. 

We met them back at home, and by the time we got back there, Frank was cleaning the fish. Merasia ran out of the house and said "Daddy cut heads off." But she wasn't mortified or scared. She was still so excited! I guess that's a good thing that it wasn't traumatizing for her... ;-)

Daddy fried the fish up for dinner that night, and much to our surprise, Connor couldn't get enough of it...and Merasia wanted NOTHING to do with it! Complete opposites!

All in all, Frank had a great Father's Day and is so happy he found his new fishing buddy in Merasia. When Frank and I finally had a chance to talk without Merasia butting in about the fishing excursion, he told me Merasia tried to make him set all the worms free in the water, and talked him into letting at least one go. She also insisted on putting the fish he caught back in the water, but they had swallowed the hooks and already died. 

I love seeing my children with their daddy, and especially love seeing the tom boy and adventuroues side of Merasia. She definitely breaks the mold of the little princess girl scared of bugs and dirt and isn't afraid to dig right in and get messy and have fun and experience new things. And I love seeing all of the learning that goes on when she does activities like this.

Unfortunately there are no photos from the Father's Day fishing trip, but Merasia wanted to go fishing the next day too, so after dinner that night, we went to a local river that isn't very good fishing, but it was local and easy to get to, and it was good enough for the kids. Connor actually got involved in fishing this time, after he got over being scared. Though we didn't catch anything, we had a lot of bites, and the kids had a lot of fun throwing rocks in the water, playing with the worms, and discovering new things.

I love this photo of Connor and Merasia, fishing poles in hand, following daddy down to the water:

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