Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Connor, Merasia, and Mason Update!

I'm slacking here, I know! Just hang in there...I am waiting for that second trimester energy to come! Only 5 more weeks...ugh!

Connor and Merasia have been in preschool for a little over a month. They love it so much! They ask to see their teacher every weekend and are so excited to go every Monday and Tuesday. They have so many friends there and talk about them all the time, and love to play the games at home that they learn at school, or sing the good bye song that they sing when each student leaves with their parents at the end of each school day. It's so cute!

With each day that goes by they get more and more independent. They do just about everything for themselves, and it's nice, but sad at the same time. It's nice that it allows me to focus more on Mason who needs me for some stuff still, and I can have some time to sit and breathe instead of constantly being on the go. They feed themselves, dress themselves, get their shoes on, get their coats on, get their backpacks, pick up toys, make their beds, help vacuum, get a snack themselves...even wash themselves in the bath now! I know all of this will be even nicer when the baby comes along, as I can focus on the baby's needs yet Connor and Merasia will still get their needs met since they can do it all on their own. 

They are getting so excited for snow, Santa Clause, and Halloween! They are practicing saying "trick or treat" and tried on their costumes the other day!

We woke up to a frost on the ground one morning recently, and they got SO exciting about snow! 

We recently went and got some pumpkins, which they enjoyed picking out, too.

We don't normally carve pumpkins because it just makes them rot faster and I'm not up for that mess right now. So the kids all chose small pumpkins that we can paint or just sit outside to show off. :)

The way they chose their pumpkins is funny. Connor's happens to be a little bigger than the other two, which fits well since he is the oldest. Merasia's is a little smaller than Connor's but bigger than Mason's, which also goes well since she is technically the middle child right now, and Mason's pumpkin is the smallest! They didn't do this on purpose and we didn't make them do it, it's just how it happened but so cute!

After we chose pumpkins, we decided to take a gondola ride at the mountain where hubs works. It was rainy, but we had nothing better to do and Mason had never been on a gondola ride (well, unless you count when he was in my belly!). It had been over a year or more since the twins had gone on one, too. 

The kids had a BLAST but I think Mason had the most fun of all! He didn't want to sit down and loved running all over the inside of the gondola and looking out the window at everything. When we got to the top of the mountain, they LOVED walking and playing in the snow!

We don't have snow down here yet, but the top of the mountain sure does! This was Mason's first REAL time in the snow since he was so small last year and didn't really notice or get what it was all about. He fell down a few times but had fun anyway. I can't wait to see how he is when it really starts snowing and we get out and play in it often this year!

Mason's words are taking off like wildfire! I can't keep track anymore, but he says everything we say to him and is SO good at telling everyone what he wants and when he wants it. I know it's very very common for younger siblings to talk sooner, have more words, and be able to tell you what they want better and sooner because they have their older siblings to look up to and learn from and they hear them talking and saying certain words, or see them doing certain things so they pick up on that and do the same, and do all of these things quicker and that has definitely been the case for Mason. He has done everything so much faster then the twins did, because he has them to learn from and listen to. 

Other than that, there isn't much to update on. Merasia is very excited for the baby, and asks me at least once a day (usually more though) if the baby in my belly is growing and tells me it's a girl. I know they are going to be a great help when the baby arrives, and even little Mason I am sure will be smitten with him/her too! It is sad to think that my little Mason won't be my baby anymore though. :(

Lots more reviews and giveaways to post, just trying to get through this exhaustion and nausea first and once that is done with, everything will be nice and caught up here! Just keep hanging in there with me! ;)

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