Monday, May 26, 2014

Connor and T-Ball!

Connor is heavy into sports. It started a year or so ago with indoor soccer. He did pretty well with that so when outdoor soccer season started that summer, we enrolled him in that and he did even better that time. We tried basketball this past winter, and though he did okay with it, the age group of the kids was large, so it was a big group of kids and he got easily distracted by so many people in such a tight area, and that's around the time things started going sour with me and Frank, so it was hard to get him to practice much. He didn't seem to enjoy it as much as soccer anyway though. He had to be 5 to start T-Ball, and since he turned 5 in January, he was eligible for this season of T-Ball! He has been SO excited to start!

His first practice went well! The coaches started off by helping the kids get familiar with pretending to swing a bat at an imaginary ball, and running from base to base to understand how first, second, third, and home base work.

After doing that a few times they broke up into two smaller groups to practice catching the ball in their mitts and throwing it back to the coach. Connor caught the ball once or twice in his mitt and has a dang good arm on him! 

At the end of their first practice, each of the players got their very own team t-shirt and baseball hat. So stinkin' cute!

The next week, they got to actually practice hitting the balls. Connor did pretty well for his first time! 

He REALLY enjoys T-Ball, and we already know how good he is at soccer, so it seems like those two things are going to be "his thing." Both are very good for him actively and if he sticks with these sports through high school and even beyond, both can be beneficial to him through college and adulthood, so I will support that as long as he wants to continue them! I am so proud of the big man my oldest baby is turning into!

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