Monday, July 2, 2012

♥ 6 Years ♥

I have been so incredibly busy lately with school and life, that I haven't even had time to write an anniversary post!  

Our 6 year wedding anniversary was last Saturday, June 23. I can't believe it has been 6 years already! It was definitely a trip down memory lane, more so then past years, for some reason. 

This year's anniversary was super fun though! We have had great anniversaries in the past, but this time, it was like a reunion. My best friend Jenn was my maid of honor in our wedding, and our other best friend Des was a bridesmaid. This year, our anniversary fell on a Saturday, and that happens to be the night Frank's best friend Patrick DJ's at a local club. A few months ago, we were thinking of going to Maine for our anniversary. And then we decided maybe we would go to The Great Escape, because we had done that a few years ago for our anniversary, and it would be like a tradition. But then we decided we would just stay home, and I am so glad we did!

My sister in law took all 3 of our children from Friday night until Sunday afternoon. We had a nice relaxed Friday evening. Jenn came over with her kids and hung out and we had dinner together. We slept in Saturday, and then went shopping with Des and her daughter Vie. Poor Frank was such a trooper as we dragged him all over the place, from store to store, and tried on clothes after clothes. In the end though, I got a super sexy skirt and shirt, and hot new shoes to wear out. :-) 

We got some dinner when we got home, hung out, and then Jenn and Des came over to get ready for the night out! We listened to music, talked, had a few drinks before heading out, did our hair and makeup, and got dressed. Poor Frank was the only guy here for that, since Jenn's husband was working late but he hung in there!

We got to the club at a little after ten, and Jenn's husband met us there. We all got drinks and the boys started a game of pool while us girls hung out for a couple of minutes. Patrick was in an awesome mood and played one of our favorite songs before we even had to request it. We were the first ones to hit the dance floor and we barely stopped dancing for longer than 5 or 10 minutes the whole night! We OWNED that place and tore that dance floor  up! It was an amazing anniversary and so much fun! The cool part was that all of us that were in our wedding together 6 years ago, were celebrating together again. It was just super neat!

I wish we could do it all again, but it was definitely a night I will never forget! Here are some photos to share from that night...peep at your own risk! ;-)

Me and Des gettin' down!

Pretty Jenn!

Patrick, Terry, Frank, Des

Me and Des!

Patrick singing us our last song of the night! :-)

All ready to head out!

Morning after at breakfast!

Terry and Frank getting down with their bad selfs!

Jenn and me at the bar!

Jenn and Des shaking their booties!

And, I thought this was super cool. This picture is from about 5 years ago at a bar where we live. It has since closed down, but it was where Frank and I met, and where we got engaged, and where Patrick used to DJ every Saturday night. It's Des, Patrick, me and Jenn:

And this is a photo from our anniversary night out:

What a difference 5 years makes! Such an amazing reunion! 

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