Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Imagination is Everything

Connor and Merasia are growing up so quickly and learning and changing drastically. It seems that every hour they are doing or saying something new, I just can't keep up!

One thing they have been doing a lot of lately is tapping into their imaginations with everything, and a lot of pretend play. 

The one time that really stuck out to me was a few weeks ago. I was cleaning or doing something around the house, and Mason was playing quietly or napping, I can't quite remember which. But I kept hearing Connor and Merasia saying "Mommy, mommy!" I kept asking "What" getting more and more exasperated each time, as they never responded to me when I said what! Finally, I realized what they were doing! They were playing house, and they were mommy and daddy!

Merasia got her toy grocery shopping cart, her purse, and loaded her baby dolls into the cart. She came up to me and said, "I'm mommy. I'm going grocery shopping." It was the cutest thing! 

A little while later, Connor came out and had his sister's rain boots on (which I am assuming were the closest things he has to boots like daddy), a hat, and some of his toy tools in his hand. He said "I"m daddy."

They were so cute together! It's amazing how much they pick up just from watching us go through our day to day lives and doing our daily chores and errands.

They have made this mommy-daddy-house pretend play one of their favorite past times and favorite "games" to play, and that's fine with me, because not only is it freakin' adorable, but it's helping them understand the world around them and nurturing their environment and self being.

Another part of pretend play they have started doing lately is playing what I like to call Mommy and Baby. The other day Merasia was pretending to cry like a baby, and at first I thought she had gotten hurt or was trying to get my attention for something, so I responded to her, only to have her tell me "No, Connor's is the daddy." THEN, I got it! She was pretending to be a baby and Connor was her "daddy." So sweet! Connor went over to her, patted her back, and shh'ed her soothingly. My heart almost melted! 

Not only are these occurrences so sweet between them, but I am proud that they are doing these things, and that they have learned them from me and only me. They are with me more then anywhere else, and have seen me nurture their baby brother in this way, and heard me teach them these things, so it's very rewarding for me to see that they have listened and they have learned more from me then I thought they did. 

It's also so amazing for me to see their relationship and their bond through their imagination. They share so much, and their love for these games and their imaginations are no different. I do all that I can to foster and encourage this type of play, as imagination really is everything, and I am loving every lucky second I get to witness this in my own children.

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