Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve! This is one of the days I have been looking forward to all year.

Every Christmas Eve, my (adopted) family gets together to do presents and dinner. All of my sister have our own families now, so Christmas day is devoted to doing our own things, but Christmas Eve is all about family, family, family! I love it.

We usually get together at my parent's house, but since they are renting their home out while they live in their new home in the Virgin Islands, we are doing it at my uncle's house this year. Last year it was at my uncle's as well, but I was in the hospital, on bed rest for preterm labor at this time. This year I can actually enjoy it!

In the past, everybody has bought presents for everybody, but this year, with money being so tight for everyone and the economy being the way it is, all of the adults drew names for Secret Santa and only bought for that one person, unless they wanted to buy for more. I baked breads for our secret Santas, and for everyone else, we are giving Christmas cards with pictures of the babies.

I am even more excited for our family festivities this year because the babies will get to experience their first Christmas and I can't wait to see all their gifts! I am excited for NEW TOYS!! I'm sick of playing with the same old toys everytime I play with the babies!

Tomorrow morning, we will wake up, make Monkey Bread, open presents with the babies, and then bundle them up and take them out sliding for the very first time! I hope they enjoy it and don't get too cranky from being too hot/cold/scared, etc.

I will be sure to post lots of photos from these next few days!

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