Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Our Adventure with our Holiday/1 Year Photos

We had quite the adventure on Sunday when we had the twins' holiday/1 year photos taken.

We got quite a bit of snow Saturday afternoon and overnight, and even though there weren't piles of snow banks, there was a good dusting left over to make it seem like a winter wonderland. I talked with our photographer the day before to make sure we would still be on for our shoot on Sunday. She said she was up for it if we were.

The snow didn't look so bad...from INSIDE. It
was pretty cold out, but we didn't expect it to be as cold as it really was when we started shooting.

The babies were total champs for the first 30 minutes of the shoot. We got adorable shots of Merasia with the waterfall in the background, and the snow all around her. We got equally adorable shots of Connor laying on a rock with the waterfall behind him. We got some adorable shots of Merasia standing up, looking at the snow, and some cute shots of Connor sitting up playing with snow and Christmas tree ornaments. But, the shoot soon took a turn for the worse as the babies got fussy, tired, and cold. In between shoots, Frank and I would have a baby wrapped inside our jackets to keep them warm. The snow kept getting caked to the bottom of my heels, making it difficult to walk around. And, to top it all off, Connor isn't the best sitter. He can sit supported and rarely, he can sit up by himself if placed that way, but it's not long before he topples over. And that's just what he did at the shoot...and took a face plant into the cold snow! He freaked for a minute but was fine as soon as I picked him up and cleared his face off. Poor guy! I guess he got introduced to snow pretty quickly! ;-)

So, with the cold air, the snow, and being that we stupidly planned the shoot for what is normally their morning nap time, they started m
elting down halfway through the shoot. We didn't get in a really great family shot. Hubs never even took his coat off, so he forgot to take it off for our family shoot. I had a sweater on originally, but in our group shot, it was off because we had used it earlier for something for the babies to lay on because we forgot a blanket. The babies each had a Christmas ornament in their hands, because if we tried to take it away, the meltdown started allll over again, so instead of getting a nice shot of all four of us looking at the camera like the happy family we are, we got me and Hubs stressed, but smiling, and two adorable babies looking down at the ornaments in their hands.

We were also unable to get a good shot
of both babies together because of Connor's inability to sit up unassisted yet. Oh well! Maybe next month! ;-)

So, overall, though, we really can't comp
lain because we got some ADORABLE photos, and I can't wait to see all of them! Until then, here are a couple to tie you over...

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What a sweetheart!
Wonderful photos!!!