Thursday, December 3, 2009

Trying for Baby Number 3!!!

So, after much deliberation and discussion, hubs and I have decided I will get my Mirena removed next week and we will begin trying to conceive our third baby!!!

Our original plan was to wait until January, when the twins turned a year old. But then we were thinking of waiting until June when my best friend is trying for her second, so we could hopefully be pregnant together. But, if we waited until then, and I got pregnant right away, we would have another winter baby...a birthday in January, and a birthday around February or March. I'd much rather have some space in between birthdays. So, we are beginning our journey to trying to conceive this month! It's close enough to January. ;-)

I am excited and nervous all at once! I am excited to experience pregnancy again and to welcome a new baby into our family. But I'm nervous about the changes and added responsibility with my two soon-to-be-toddlers! But, God is good and everything will work out!

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