Monday, December 7, 2009

Fears for our Journey Ahead

I am counting down the days until the 21st. I will get my Mirena out on the 21st and thus begins the journey to trying to conceive our next baby!

I am over the moon excited, and so is DH, but I am scared as well! I remember how exhausted I was in the beginning of my pregnancy with the twins, and I can't imagine feeling THAT tired all over again, AND chasing around TWO toddlers! I also never really got any morning sickness with my pregnancy with the twins...what if I get awful morning sickness this time around?

I had a completely natural, 100% drug free delivery with my twins...what if I can't deal with it this time around?

I know I will, of course. If I can PUSH out TWO infants with no drugs, I can do it all over again with one or even two if that happens again...LOL

All of these fears are creeping into my mind...

But, it's not enough to deter us from trying for another baby anyway, and embarking on the path of parenthood all over again!

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