Saturday, December 19, 2009

One Year Ago Today...

Me, the day after I was transported to Fletcher Allen Heath Care, in Burlington, Vermont, for preterm labor at 32 weeks gestation, with my twins:

It's been a year already. No, not since my babies were born. Not since we found out we were pregnant. Not since we found out we were having twins.


One year since I called my doctor, told him I leaked some fluid and was "kind of" crampy, and ended up in the hospital, in active labor.

It was all a blur at first, and very overwhelming. I was contracting, dilating, and 70% effaced. I got set up with an IV for meds to slow my contractions down with the hope of stopping my labor altogether, while they prepared an ambulance to transport me an hour and a half away, to the only hospital in Vermont with a NICU. We thought we would be parents within a few days.

Boy, were we WRONG!

Over the next 24-48 hours, I lost the rest of my mucous plug, continued to dilate, and in the end, dilated to 4 cm. and 80% effaced, and that's where I sat. For THREE whole WEEKS. I looked forward to my shower every morning, as it was the one time I was by myself, out of my room, besides the one 30 minute wheel chair ride I was allowed to take when Frank was there with me. ;-) I spent my days catching up on my soaps, watching Jon + Kate Plus Eight, 18 Kids and Counting, and Dirty Jobs. I read baby books, baby magazines, did word searches, texted friends and family, shed tons of tears all due to frustration/home sickness/loneliness, and for no reason at all at times. I did jumping jacks when the nurse wasn't in the room with me, in hopes of bringing on contractions, getting the babies out, and thus being able to have more freedom (and no more big, heavy belly). It didn't work. They were stubborn.

And now, looking back, it's fine that they were stubborn. Because when they finally were born, 3 weeks later, the night I was discharged and able to go home, and born at our local hospital that was closer to home for us and our friends and family, it was all so perfect, and totally worth it.

It's crazy how fast a year flies!

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