Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Dear Connor,

Please stop growling at me. It's not nice, really. And it frustrates me. It's cute at first. I'll admit it; I cracked up the first few times you did it. You're just so cute, anything that comes out of your mouth is cute. Yes, everything. Even spit up, drool, regurgitated peas/carrots/bananas. I'm your mom, so I'm allowed to say this.

But, to get back to the subject at hand...the growling must stop. I'm sorry all of my attention isn't on you during meal times. You do have a sister that requires just as much (sometimes more) of my attention. As much as you dislike it, you must share your feeding times with her. You must share your food with her. I know you'd like it if I could feed you your yogurt faster, but I can't. My arms can only work so fast! And with 4 tiny hands reaching for the bowl in my hand, my job just gets harder.

So, please be patient with me, Connor. The growling doesn't make me go faster or give you all of the food and leave your sister without. Disappointing, I know.


Your Mommy



MooMoo Mama said...

Aww, the growling sounds soo cute. My little one is a yeller. She tried to out talk whomever is talking at the moment. she will babble as loud as she can.....it's really very cute...lol

in from BBC.

mommyof3 said...

Omg, I know exactly what your talking about. Liam does the same thing when I'm feeding them together. Leah just sits quietly but Liam he growls and grunts at me. Its come on give me a break my hand can only go so fast between two babies. Some times I have to sing a song to make him be quiet through the feeding really weird because its one certain song. But its very annoying even though he's the cutiest thing on this earth. It must be a boy thing, lol.