Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Trying to Concieve Dilemma

I have a dilemma. Maybe someone can help me.

Since our twins were a couple months old, we knew we wanted at least two more children. If we are blessed with anymore than that, then great! But, our "goal" is a total of four. We decided we would start trying again in January, when the twins turned one.

My best friend had her first baby in August. Jenn and her fiance have decided they will start trying for another baby in June, on their wedding night. We want to be pregnant together, to have someone to hang out with, walk with, and talk everything baby and pregnancy with. It would just be fun!

So, my dilemma...if we wait until June to start trying for our next baby and it takes us a while to conceive again, and my friend conceives quickly, I'm going to be stuck with the inevitable feelings of jealousy, disappointment, sadness, etc. I don't want to have to deal with those yucky feelings, especially toward my best friend, of all people. If we start trying for our next baby in January, which was our original plan, and we get pregnant right away, then of course, we aren't pregnant together.

The other part of my dilemma is if we need Clomid again or not. We needed Clomid because I wasn't ovulating on my own. If I wasn't ovulating on my own then, what would make it different so that my body would suddenly start ovulating again all by itself? If I DO need Clomid to help us conceive again, then we will probably start trying again in April or May, because it took 2 months on it to conceive our twins, so that would make me pregnant at the same time as my friend, or just a little bit ahead of her, which would be fine either way.

What would you do? Leave your comments, advice, and input here. I'd love to hear all sides!


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