Saturday, December 5, 2009

Connor's Newest Accomplishment

Connor has learned to clap! It was last night that hubs noticed Connor starting the "floppy" clap that Merasia started before she mastered the art of clapping. I was getting Merasia ready for her bath, so I missed it, but I witnessed it this morning, and only one word can describe it: ADORABLE.

Connor also has a 6th tooth on the way. Normally, we never know that he is getting a tooth until it breaks skin and we see it or feel it. But with this 6th one, he's been running a fever, and fussy off and on. He's still sleeping normally at night, and isn't as fussy today as he was yesterday. But he has spurts of being oh-so-hot and burning up. His fever was 101.2 the other day! :-( I've been giving him teething toys, Tylenol for the fever, and teething tablets when I think he needs them. Even with the fever and small bit of fussiness, he's still a teething champ and doing better than his sister does with it or than other babies I hear about.

The one thing he's not doing sitting up unassisted. He has strong legs and will stand up with someone holding him, and will sit up assisted very well, but just has no interest in sitting up on his own like his sister. And he's almost a year old! lol...Oh well! We aren't worried about it because everything else he does is normal or advanced, but it would be nice to have two sitters. ;-) In his own time, I guess.

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