Friday, March 5, 2010

Walking, Sentences, and "Kitty"

This post is pretty much all about Merasia. Sorry Connor! :-( Your time will come though. Soon, very soon! :-)

Merasia is a full fledged walker! She started taking a couple of steps at a time right around 13 months. A week or so after that, and she started taking 4-6 steps at a time. And now, she'll walk whenever she wants, everywhere she wants! She even held my hand and walked with me into our twin play group the other day, and back out to the car when we were leaving, and held my hand and walked into Walmart last night. I have been waiting for her to do that for MONTHS. With twins, that makes things a little bit easier when I am by myself and out and about running errands. I can carry Connor, and hold Merasia's hand to walk, and that's less weight for me to carry around. It will be even better when Connor begins walking! He is well on his way though! He is cruising all around furniture while holding on, and has just started moving in between pieces of furniture, taking a couple of steps while holding on to things, so it's a big improvement for him!

As well as walking, Merasia is talking a lot more, even if we can't understand what words she is trying to say. She says "dada, " daddy," "mama," "ba ba," (I think this might be bye bye, since she hasn'nt seen a bottle since she was 9 months old, when she was weaned), "dat," (this means "dad!" LOL), "hi," "how?", "Wha?" (What), and, recently "Kitty!" Frank taught her how to say kitty the other night, and then she was chasing Buddy (our oldest cat) all over the house, saying "Kitty! Hi, kitty!" every time she found him. And she says it alllll day, every day when she sees one of the cats. It's adorable!

Along with her new words, she actually put a sentence together for the first time the other night. She walked over to me across the room and when she got to me, she threw her arms in the air and said, "I did it!" Now, granted, it wasn't as clear as if you or I said it, but there was no mistaking what she said!

I tried to get a video of her walking and saying kitty earlier, but she wouldn't cooperate. I got her walking in one of them a little bit, but she wouldn't say kitty or walk much for me. Little stinker!

She is getting to be such a big girl! I love their age, it is so much fun to see them discover new things and grow so much in such a short time span.

Connor will be following shortly in all of these areas, I'm sure! And I look forward to experiencing it all with him just like we have with Merasia! :-)

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