Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011! (LOADS of photos!!)

It's 4 days past Christmas, and I have yet to update on our festivities! So, here goes.....

Our Christmas events started on the day before Christmas day. We had my in laws over to exchange gifts. I bake every year, and that's what we give as gifts, along with some new pictures of the kiddos, so that was our gifts to them. Hubs got a new pair of pants, a new nice electric razor, and a shirt. I got a couple cute new shirts, a bath set with shower gel and lotion, and a new cute scarf. The kiddos made out, as usual! Connor got 3 nice new dress shirts, another new everyday shirt, a new pair of Cars pajamas, a big container of small matchbox cars (that he LOVES, I might add), a remote controlled truck, and a Cars comforter. Merasia got a Tinker Bell comforter (it even lights up!),  new pair of pants, Tinker Bell pajamas, a sweatshirt, another different sweatshirt with matching capri pants, a new baby doll that she can take in the bath tub with her complete with a rubber duckie that lights up when it is on water and other smaller accessories, and another different baby doll that giggles and cries. They also got a set of small Elmo box books to share, which they also love. Mason scored with a little work bench toy that lights up and plays music and talks, a little train that lights up and plays different songs, two new shirts, and monkey pajamas. And that was just from their auntie and grandma! Here are some photos from the kids opening those presents:

On Christmas Eve, we went to my sister's house and celebrated with my 3 older sisters and their significant others, our dad, and all my nieces and nephews. Frank got a winter hat, mittens, and scarf, and I got a beautiful bathrobe from my father, and we got some baked goodies as well. Connor and Merasia got crayons and a Cars and Princess coloring roll of paper, new pajamas, and each also got a Magna Doodle type toy that also came with a smaller magna doodle for car rides. They LOVE these toys!! Mason got a block sorter giraffe toy, new pajamas, and some blocks that stack inside of each other. He loooves these toys too! Here are some pictures from our celebration with my family:

Finally, it was the day hubs and I had been waiting months for....Christmas!! We got the kiddos to bed Christmas Eve night, wrapped some last minute presents, and then waited for Santa to arrive. ;-)

It's hard to see all of the gifts in the above pictures, but trust me, there were way more than it appears! ;-)

We woke up bright and early Christmas morning, excited to see the kids reactions to their gifts, especially the bikes!

Okay, so.....not exactly what we were expecting, but it was 5:30 in the morning, and they were trying to wake up and adjust to the bright light and what was happening. LOL

Once they woke up a little more and realized what was happening, they were excited and oh-so-happy with their gifts!

The insisted on opening the rest of their gifts with their helmets on....

I won't take the time to list every single thing Santa brought them, because there is just far too much to list. You can see some of the things in the photos above, though. :-)

Mason had a great first Christmas as well. It started Christmas Eve, when he gave me the present of sleeping through the night for the first time in MONTHS! And, in his own room. :-) And then, he sat up on Christmas morning, to open presents. He has not officially sat up yet, but it's only because he has no interest and is always on the move, creeping around and standing. But while opening gifts, he sat himself up!

He had a blast checking out the Christmas tree and opening his presents and playing with his new toys! And later that night, he said "mama" for the very first time!! :-)

All in all, it was a wonderful Christmas, and one of the best parts was there was not big, annoying toys to put together! ;-) Of course the very best part was seeing the children opening each present and their excitement with each new item. Merasia would yell "Mama!! LOOOOOK!" every time she opened a new gift. Then, she'd throw it to the side and reach for another gift, saying "Please?" It was so adorable and so fun to see her excitement. She especially loved her "Baby Alive"...........

Connor's favorite gifts are definitely his cars and trucks, especially his big "Chuck the Truck" dump truck....

My favorite gift was the gift of being together as a family, and enjoying our children and the holiday through their eyes. It was such a special, memorable Christmas this year, and I am so, so happy.

Now, on to the New Year and a 3rd birthday party!

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