Thursday, December 8, 2011

It Passes Too Fast....

A few weeks ago, I was looking through a friend's blog, and came across this post that she shared with her readers. It intrigued me, so I read it....and by the end, I was in tears. But, it is so true.

As a stay at home mommy, with a husband who works full time (and sometimes, very full time with overtime), I often get caught up in life and what needs to be done and the stress of being home with 3 little ones all day, every day, and don't take the time I should to enjoy the little things, and most of all, really enjoy my children. This article is right when it says we all want to get this right. But the truth is....there is no "right" way to parenting. I supposed that's why we, as the article also says, read books, talk to family and friends, and seek all the advice we can, to do this "the right way" according to what we think is the right way. In doing that, we lose sight of what is truly important.

I know for me, I often get caught up in the housework and errands and bills that need to be paid, and homework I need to get done, and all of that takes away from what is truly important and what I need to take more time to soak up and enjoy. I get caught up in the toddler temper tantrums, in the things the twins do to "push my buttons" instead of the thousands of little things they do to melt my heart and make my life worthwhile.

I have to agree with the writer of this article, that the most valuable piece of advice I have received as a mother is that it passes. That's something I have heard over and over again in the almost 3 years I have been a mother, but have just brushed it off. I never really took the time to stop and think about that one tiny piece of advice that means so much. I'm definitely thinking about it a lot more now after reading this post.

The night wakings pass and before you know it, you're sleeping 4 hour stretches, or (*gasp!*) all. night. LONG!

 There are days I miss the night wakings with the twins. I miss hearing their itty bitty whines and wimpers and waking up, changing them, making bottles, and snuggling them as they ate.

With 3 kiddos in diapers right now, there are days that it seems like all I do is change diapers. But before I know it, the twins will be done with them, and I'll have only one in diapers. And soon after that, none. It's sad to think, and not something I thought I'd be sad about! I won't be sad to save that money, but just the experience itself, if that makes any sense.

There was a time Merasia was a terrible sleeper, between 18-20 months. She would not sleep in her room no matter what we did, so she was in our bed, or at least in our room, for months. And even when we were able to get her sleeping back in her own bed, there were still nights when she'd wake and come toddling into our room and in bed with us. It was annoying and frustrating then, but what we didn't stop to realize is that soon, it would pass. And now, there are moments I miss her coming into bed with us and snuggling.

Though toddler tantrums are never fun to deal with, and something you wouldn't think you would ever miss......I know there will be a day I miss them.

(For some reason I never caught any of Connor's tantrums on camera....)

I know I have many years of giggles and tiny arms around my neck left. But it's important to me to soak up every single itty bitty little teeny weeny second from the day they were born until the day I don't have these things anymore, and I feel like I haven't taken enough time in the almost 3 years since they were born so really enjoy the things I'm going to miss and lose at some point as our children grow.

Each night, I fall into bed, utterly exhausted and sometimes, at the end of my rope from the stresses of the day with the children. But I know, one day I will want these busy days back. I will want the endless days of diaper changes and feedings and cleaning back. I will want my babies to be babies again.....

So I need to approach each day with a new outlook, and cherish every second more than I do. Because before I know it, I will be yearning for all of this back, and it'll be too late.

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