Thursday, December 15, 2011

Zoobies Blanket Pets Review & Giveaway

I am in love. Not just with my husband, and my babies (though they are all great too....) but with a blanket. But, not just any blanket. Blanket pets, from Zoobies.

About Zoobies, from their website:

"Zoobies, LLC. was created by two young brothers who shared a common desire to invent something that was fun, innovative and functional. Coming from a large family of nine children, they saw the need to consolidate what one could bring on long road trips and family excursions; something to make life easier for mom."

The Zoobies Quality Guarantee:

"High quality and innovation are our standards. We have carefully ensured that no corners have been cut in making our Zoobies products the cutest, most high-end plush animals in the animal kingdom that also provide a comfy pillow and extra-cuddly blanket. We measure our success in terms of squishability and comfort. We personally guarantee every Zoobies product to be the softest, most huggable plush toy you've ever squeezed--from their super squishy microbead faces, to their extremely cuddly body fur, and on down to their soft and warm coral fleece blankets and sleeping bags."

I received the Baby Ellema the Elephant blankie baby for review. I originally wanted to get a monkey for Mason, since we have a monkey theme going on for him. But the monkey was slightly of a "girly" color, so I decided to go with the elephant. And I am so glad I did!

This blankie was sooo much cuter in person than when I looked at it on the website! I absolutely LOVE it! The blankie babies come with a teether attached, which is great for Mason right now as he is cutting lots of new teeth!

I am a BIG fan of polka dots, so I loooove that the blanket itself is polka dots!

These blankets are a wonderful invention. The blanket itself simply folds up inside the pet, and gets zipped up, so the pet can be used as a pillow, or the blanket is easily transported in long car rides, or overnight trips.

The other great thing I love about these blankets, is that the blanket itself is detachable, so it can easily be washed, which is highly important with little ones! In fact, I just washed Mason's yesterday, and it was easy to detach, and easy to re-attach when it was washed and dried.

It's also very soft and cuddly, and Mason loves to cuddle with it.

Blankie pets are not just for little guys either... Zoobies also carries larger blanket pets for bigger kids, as well as slumber pets, and storytime pals.

Zoobies prides themselves on making their products with MOM in mind, and that is definitely the case, as I experienced firsthand. I want to get Connor and Merasia some blanket pets! They would make a great birthday present, and I just know they would love them just as much as Mason and I do! They are high quality, and just such a creative invention. Last night, Mason even enjoyed a little snack before bed on his blankie....

 I definitely would recommend these blanket pets to all of my mama friends and family. You can buy them here, or..........

WIN one right here!

Fill out the Rafflecopter form below to enter to win a blanket pet of your choice!

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