Thursday, December 22, 2011

Giveaways: Attention to Detail!

Just a friendly reminder to everyone on entering giveaways...

Some of the required and even the extra entries with my giveaways include instructions for certain things, on how to do each task to properly enter the giveaway. I have had to delete several entries for the Zoobies blanket pets giveaway because some people said they blogged about the giveaway but never posted the link to the blog post so I could see it and verify that they did in fact do that entry. I also deleted one or two entries that said the participant had grabbed my button but left no link to where I could find the button on their website, as requested in the instructions for that entry.

Please, please PLEASE read and pay attention to EACH entry and the instructions included with each entry task to complete, BEFORE entering. It's a pain in my butt and disappointing to have to delete people's entries because they didn't do something as simple as posting a link to your blog, as requested for verification purposes.

So, just keep track of what you are doing and pay attention to the instructions so you have a better chance of winning and I don't have to delete any entries. :-)

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Michelle and Lakeon said...

make sure with the new RC that you check mark that you need extra info. i had it check marked but didn't specify what i needed so it didnt add the box.

I dont like how the new RC is when it comes to this and always making sure you check mark the box.

Also if you scroll down in RC where you get the code, it will show you the form and you click on ADMINISTRATIVE view it will unlock the mandetory entry and then you can click I DID THIS on all the entries to make sure that everything is popping up like it should be :)