Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ella's Kitchen Review & Giveaway

I am always on the lookout for healthy snack and meal choices for our children. I pretty much got the twins snacks and meals down to a science, but Mason was a whole other story when he started solids. He has always let me feed him and still does, but there are times where I am busy and need to get dinner for the rest of the family, or I am trying to get cleaning or homework done and he just wants a snack, so it's essential for me to find something easy for him to feed himself with. Ella's Kitchen baby food was just that!

"Before embarking on this adventure, I spent 10 years involved with children's television, gaining a deep understanding of children's needs and aspirations. During this time, I became increasingly aware of the frightening statistics surrounding the failing health of our children's generation. In 2003, 13.7% of 2 to 10 year olds in the UK were clinically obese, with a staggering 27.7% medically overweight (including those who were obese). 1 Frightening.

As a hands-on father of two children I also recognise the difficult conflicts that we all, as parents, constantly face in balancing what kids have been led to believe they want with what is actually good for them. Yet, I really couldn't see why kids wouldn't want healthy food if it was created with nothing else but them in mind - making good food cool and using tastes and textures that they will like and will try.

Our company's goal is to build a range of natural and healthy foods for kids and babies, under a trusted and respected brand, that leads to a positive change in their eating habits.

  • put children's needs first
  • use organic ingredients
  • prioritise health AND taste
  • be honest in our communications
  • conduct our business with respect and fairness
  • believe that it is better to pass on values rather than money to children

  • use anything in our products that has no nutritional or health value
  • add sugar or salt
  • use E numbers or GM products
  • put profits first"
I was sent a 10 pack of products from Ella's Kitchen:

All of these are pureed baby foods, but easy for little ones to feed themselves. Mason can hold it himself and squeeze the baggie until his heart's content and he will be feeding himself the entire time. This makes life a little easier for a busy mom like myself, and makes for lots of fun for Mason as he gets messy, messy, messy! ;-) 

Mason had a great time the first night we received our products, testing one out at dinner:

These aren't just for little guys though. Ella's Kitchen has some of these same products for toddler aged children, and they make great quick snacks on the go for long road trips or days out and about.

I love how many varieties there are...pears, apples, and berry rice, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, apples, and blueberries, banana baby brekkie, broccoli, pears, and peas, and much more! It's so refreshing from the plain ol' stuff you find from other big name brands in the grocery store. 

Another thing I love about these products is that some are simply named "The Red One" or "The Yellow One." I love this because for toddlers who aren't so great at using their words yet, it makes it easy for them to tell mommy or daddy what they want.

Probably my most favorite thing about these products is the fact that they are 100% organic. I know that my little ones are putting some of the most healthiest (not to mention yummy!) food in their sensitive bellies. 

Purchase It: You can purchase Ella's Kitchen products at a store near you. You can check to see if they are carried near you on their website here.

WIN IT: ONE lucky reader of Mama 2 Multiples is going to WIN a 10 pack of samples from Ella's Kitchen! Follow the instructions below to enter!

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