Saturday, December 24, 2011

Mason's Big Move!

We recently decided it was time to move Mason to his own room. He has been in our room, right next to our bed, since he was born. Well, actually he spent the first month or two of his life IN our bed, as I breastfed for 4 months and we all know how that goes in those early weeks and months. ;-)

He still doesn't sleep through the night, so we though if we moved him, maybe it would make a difference, and we could have our room back and not have to tip toe around. I can turn the light on and read before bed, or we can watch a movie or some television before we go to sleep, and not have to worry about waking a baby.

So, when all the kiddos were at daycare last week, we made the move. Mason's crib, changing table, and dresser were moved downstairs and all organized and set up. It was pretty exciting actually....

He loved crawling around the room and checking out his toys and things while we finished setting it up.

Unfortunately, he didn't sleep in his room that first night, because he came down with Bronchitis and was absolutely miserable. He had 2 or 3 nights of being awake literally all night, SCREAMING, so he was upstairs with us in bed. But the next day, he slept in his own room and only woke up twice! And each time, he went right back to sleep without a problem, so it was a good, restful night for mama. The second night, he only woke a few times as well, and so far, that's how it's been going, so it has gone well and he seems to enjoy it in there! And mommy enjoys not having to run upstairs all day to put him down for a nap or get him up or change him, etc.

I was a little sad to not have him near me anymore, but we have a video monitor so I can see him all night long if I want to, and I have to is WONDERFUL to have our room and privacy back! :-)

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