Thursday, December 15, 2011

YBF Girlfriends Review

As a busy mom, I seldom have time to bother with my hair or makeup. Most of the time, my face goes untouched and my hair gets straightened with a hot iron, or thrown up in a messy bun or pony tail. That's about all I have the time for, or, rather, the energy for. But that doesn't mean I have lost my girly side! I still have my moments where I take the time to put some makeup on and "do myself up." And there are the (rare) times hubs and I get some childless evenings and head out on the town, and of course I want to look good then. I know Frank loves me regardless, so I don't feel the need to always have makeup on, but it is nice to get in touch with that side every now and then. So, I am always on the lookout for new beauty products, even if I may not use them every single day.

I came across ybf beauty products a couple of months ago, and was intrigued instantly, and found myself pouring over their site and products. 

From their website:

"Stacey brings her runway model savvy and intuitive understanding of women's needs to ybf, this comprehensive cosmetics line with products so fashion-right and user-friendly, Stacey believes you will come to think of each product as your best friend. She has created a revolutionary approach to cosmetics called Color Care, which features beautiful, blend-able products you'll love!

Working with some of the most advanced ingredients and technology available today, Stacey has infused the line with ybf's Smart Active Complex, an exclusive, paraben-free formula, enriched with extracts from the earth. This innovative complex acts as a personal skin monitor, making sure nothing shows through except a beautiful you.! ybf continues Stacey's long tradition of providing goof-proof controllable, personalized beauty products that deliver maximum results with minimal effort. The shades are carefully selected to enhance and adjust to a variety of skin tones and intensities for customized looks."

For my review, I was sent the Delightful Dips Eyeshadow set. 

I love the colors in this set. They are shimmery, and even prettier in person or when you put them on. I have tried all 3 so far, and I think my favorite is the pink. But the browns are great for a low key day, just running errands when I don't want to look like I am wearing much make up and want a more "natural" look. 

Each applicator brush is inside the cover of the eye shadows. Therefore, each shade has it's own applicator, which makes for less mess and mixing of colors, and you can't lose the applicators since they go right back on to the container themselves, and then the cover gets replaced.

The website claims that these eye shadows are "...long-wearing, velvety formula makes it easy to apply and blend, providing rich, and natural looking color for hours. This exclusive ybf formula resists creasing, fading or smudging!" Of course, I was a little skeptical, since I have tried many, MANY different eye shadows and ALL end up creasing several hours after applying, and by the end of the day, I'm lucky if I even have eye shadow left on at all, or if I do, it's severely smudged and looks like crap. But, these eye shadows really do hold up all day! I went to remove my make up before bed, and the eye shadow looked just as good then as it did when I applied it early that morning. I was (pleasantly) shocked! 

Perhaps the coolest thing about this set of eye shadows is that with one little shake of the bottle, more powder "drops" down in the tiny slit opening, so when you dip the applicator back in, you get just the right amount of shadow, and there isn't a mess all over the place. For me, I clean so much that the less mess, the better in this household! ;-)

I am very happy with this eye shadow set, and ybf has many other high quality, useful, and amazing products that every woman could find useful and satisfying.  The prices are highly affordable as well, so you can't go wrong. I love this set that comes with eye shadow, lip gloss, and lipstick:

It's all of your essentials in one!

This lipstick is super cute as well:

I'm not a big lipstick fan, but I would totally use this one with how glam it is!

A couple other favorites of mine were this regal and royal crown compact and the red carpet collection which includes prep face primer, eyebrow pencil, dusty rose blush, perfect plum eye shadows, lipstick/gloss, and a glamorous sparkly red bag to tote it all in:

For all the men in your lives, give them a little hint as to what to get you this year by referring them over to ybf girlfriends beauty products! I've added some of these other products to my Christmas list for my hubs..... ;-)

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