Wednesday, December 7, 2011

RAISE Arm Pit Stain Remover - Review

It's not something we normally find a popular conversation topic. But, it's something that is all too common, and kind of gross, to say the least.

Armpit stains.

Yep. We all get 'em. You know you do! It's gross, but natural and bound to happen!

I have a couple lighter colored summer shirts, and after a few wears on really nasty, hot, sweaty days this past summer, they had ugly sweat stains on them in the arm pit. I tried EVERYTHING to at least fade the stain! I tried my detergent, which is a detergent I SWEAR by because it gets the kiddos clothes clean, and honestly, anything that can get their clothes clean is pretty hardcore! ;-) But nothing worked to take the stains completely away, or at least minimize them to some extent.

And then I read about RAISE Armpit stain remover on a friend's blog. The review was so great, I thought I'd like to try it out as well!

It arrived just in time for laundry day, and I used it right away on my favorite light pink t shirt that has terrible armpit stains from sweat. I sprayed the area, rubbed it in, and let it sit off to the side while I loaded the other clothes into the washer. Then I threw that shirt in with the rest and waited. I was excited to check the shirt afterwards and see how well the stain remover worked.

While it didn't take the stain out, it definitely worked on it a lot more than any other products I had tried thus far, and made it not as bad as it was, so I was happy with those results! I will spare you the photos though, as I'm not one to air out my dirty laundry....pun intended. ;-)

All in all, I was happy with this product and I continue to use it every time I do laundry, in the hopes that one day, those nasty stains will be completely GONE thanks to RAISE arm pit stain remover! :-)

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