Monday, January 23, 2012

Adventures in Potty Training

We had a potty training breakthrough last night.....

Connor POOPED on the potty!!!!

Waaaay back when the twins were about 14 or 15 months old, we started sitting them on the potty once a day, usually right before baths and bed, to get them used to the potty. We didn't push, just let them lead the way. The first night, they both peed on the potty. The second night, Merasia pooped. I can't quite recall if Connor has ever pooped on the potty before...I'm sure it's in his baby book somewhere though. :-)

So, yesterday afternoon, I broke out the big boy and big girl undies for Connor and Merasia, and we went to town pottying! 

Around 7 or 7:30 last night, I was putting Mason down for the night, and the twins were in the bathroom working on some potty time. I heard Merasia start yelling, "Mommy, Nuh-Cuh (what she calls Connor) POOP!" Merasia doesn't usually lie, and usually knows what she's talking about it, so I rushed out of Mason's room, and imagine my surprise when I walked into the bathroom and saw a nice big poop in their potty!!! I started clapping and screeching in true mommy fashion, and told Connor what a big boy he was and what a good job he did. He just stood there and smiled. So modest. :-)

Needless to say, I was pretty inspired by that poop, and decided to go with hardcore potty training today! The twins woke up, and I took off their diapers and put them both in undies and a t shirt for the whole day. They each only had a few accidents the whole day. Not too bad, really. One time, Connor had an accident and then Merasia started telling me she had peed.....I think it was because she saw me cater to Connor when he had his accident and change his undies, so she was copying him. Oh, the joys of twins! ;-)

They each had one poop accident, but no big deal. I figured as much! We were able to avoid diapers all day though. I was going to put them in a diaper at nap time, because I know they can't make it dry that whole time yet, but they didn't want to, so to avoid a meltdown, I gave in and let them keep their undies on instead. Of course they were both wet when they woke up, so we put clean undies on and the rest of the afternoon/evening went well, and they never had a diaper on until bed time. 

Overall, I'd call is a pretty successful day. Tomorrow they go to daycare, and I will send them in diapers but send some undies along with them, in case their daycare provider gets brave. I look forward to this new chapter in their lives though...even if it is one more reminder how fast my babies are growing up.

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Unknown said...

Good Job Connor! You guys are getting so big! :)
Oh and I didn't forget about you Merasia good job as well! :)