Monday, January 16, 2012

"It's a Preemie Thing" and "Togs N Things" Review

I came across many companies when searching for birthday shirts for Connor and Merasia. Some were large corporations and others were smaller companies. It's a Preemie Thing and Togs N Things were two of the smaller companies I came across in my search. A blogger friend of mine (Kerri over at The Maven of Social Media) actually recommended her friend Julie, the owner of both of these stores. 

Julie and I were "introduced" through email and she was so very easy to get along with and wonderful to work with on this project. 

From "It's a Preemie Thing" website:

"Fast forward a few years and several rounds of IVF later we were ecstatic to find out that it had finally worked and we were pregnant! We found out we were having a little boy… and we would just have to be patient until he arrived. Our son Spencer had other plans. He arrived the day I turned 29 weeks, the day after Thanksgiving, so we call him our Black Friday deal of the century! The morning after his birth, he weighed in at a whopping 2lbs 5oz and was just over 14” long. By far the smallest baby I had ever seen. We spent the next 64 days in the NICU experiencing things we never thought we would deal with.
During this time, we could not find clothing small enough to fit Spencer, we thought that we couldn’t be alone in this quest. I kept catching myself and others answering questions about our babies with “It’s a preemie thing” since most parents of full term babies had different experiences. So the seed was planted and grew into our site - It's a Preemie Thing."

Connor and Merasia were preemies, but not nearly as tiny as Spencer or the other thousands of premature babies born all over the world every day. I was lucky enough to make it to 35 weeks with my twins, and though they were small, they lived and thrived. It's a sad fact that so many aren't this lucky, and it breaks my heart for those families that have to deal with extended NICU time and sometimes, worse. 

With that said, I could relate to the issue of not having clothes for my twins to wear as preemies, so I think this site was an excellent idea, and the clothes are super cute too! I love all of the slogans on them, they crack me up!

Julie set to work designing perfect birthday t shirts for Connor and Merasia, and the results were awesome!

I saw the design she had designed through email before I got the shirts in, but seeing the design online and then seeing it in person are completely different, and I was so, so, SO happy with the finished product in person!!

Julie was such a sweetie, that she also threw in two other t shirts for review, which we are IN LOVE with:

These are the perfect shirts for twins!! (Especially MY twins! ;-) ) 

I got all 4 shirts on the day of their birthday party, but had previously received shirts for them to wear at their party, so the day after their party they wore the above shirts, and on their actual birthday, they were their other personalized birthday shirts from Julie. We took them out for pizza and to an indoor play area/arcade on their birthday, and we got loads of compliments on the shirts!

These shirts are of top quality, and I was nervous about the words fading or being affected after washing, but I did laundry the other day and they were just fine! I did hang dry them instead of putting them in the dryer though, because I don't want to take the chance of them shrinking at all, since these are some of the twins' best shirts they have, and I want them to last! 

I am so thankful for Kerri for pointing me in Julie's direction, and I definitely recommend checking out her websites and Facebook Fan Pages for It's a Preemie Thing and Togs N Things!

**DISCLAIMER** I received the above product(s) from It's a Preemie Thing/Togs N Things, free of charge in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was received. However, all opinions are strictly my own.

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