Monday, January 9, 2012

♥ Happy Birthday, Connor & Merasia ♥

Two years ago, I wrote this letter to Connor and Merasia, for their first birthday. And now, here I am, writing another letter, this time for their 3rd birthday. I just cannot believe it.

Dear Connor & Merasia,

I will never forget the morning our lives changed forever. The morning that second, ever so faint line showed up on that pregnancy test. 

I will never forget the next 8.5 months we spent preparing for your arrival, and the three long weeks spent in the hospital on bed rest, waiting for your arrival.

It was the fear of the unexpected that was difficult. We never knew when you would decide to arrive, but when you did, it was definitely a surprise, but the best surprise of our lives. 

Connor, three years ago this morning, at 3:58 a.m., I looked into your beautiful green eyes for the very first time. 

Thirty minutes later, Merasia, I looked into your beautiful blue eyes for the very first time. You were perfect then, and you are perfect still today. 

These three years have been spent nurturing you, teaching you, debating personal and important decisions for your life, learned from you, and laughed with you. (And, sometimes, AT you.) 

You bring light into our lives where once there was darkness. You make every second of every day worth living, and you teach us so much about life than we ever thought imaginable a your young, impressionable age. And it seems you both have an endless supply of laughter, hugs, and love.

Today, Connor, you are always off and running! Quite a big change from the letter I wrote you on your first birthday, when you weren't even walking yet! You have all of the teeth you will have until you start to lose them in a few years. We just celebrated Christmas a couple weeks ago, and you got so many cool new toys that you absolutely love. You love cars and trucks, especially. You are a typical boy!

You also love anything to do with Elmo, Mickey Mouse, or Cars (the movie). One of your favorite times of day is bath time, you never want to get out when it's over! You still have a hearty appetite, and some of your favorite foods include yogurt, applesauce, french fries, chicken nuggets, waffles, cereal, milk, crackers, cheese, potatoes, hot dogs, grapes, tomatoes, steak, and so much more. Of course cookies are on the list too. ;-) 

You are down to only one nap a day, most of the time. It all depends on how early you wake up in the morning, but most of the time, it's one nap, in the afternoon. You sleep beautifully through the night though, so no complaining there! Your speech is great and really advanced, but there is still some fine tuning to work on. You can count to ten with help, and say your ABC's with help too. You know where all of your body parts are, and like to try and dress yourself. You give hugs and kisses away for free; you are such a cuddle bug and we LOVE that about you! You like to try and help mommy and daddy with housework, cleaning, or with taking care of your baby brother. You are more familiar with the potty, but of course not all the way trained yet. We aren't in a hurry though, and don't want to force you or push the issue if you are not ready yet. But you do ask to use the potty, and when you ask, most of the time, you really do go on it. Not poop, but pee. :-) It's a step in the right direction! I am finding myself thinking of more and more stuff as I write this, but if I keep going, there will be no room to write about your sister, and this letter will go on for days.

Today, my dear, are one spirited child! We wouldn't have it any other way, though. That's what makes you special. You too, are always on the run right alongside your big brother! You have all of your teeth too, except your two year molars that we are still waiting on. You tell us daily that your teeth hurt, so I think they are close and causing you some discomfort. Hopefully they come in soon for your sake! :-) 

You got tons of awesome presents at Christmas too, and some of your favorites are your baby alive we go for you that you can feed and she talks to you. You just love acting like a little mommy! Just like your brother, you love Elmo, Mickey, and Minnie Mouse, along with all things Princess! You love bath time too, and like to pretend you are swimming in the tub. When Mason takes a bath with you and Connor, you like to help mommy wash him up, or you like to wash yourself up but mommy needs to help you a little bit. ;-) You have an excellent appetite and have the same favorite foods as your brother. You recently started sleeping all night again after a little bump in the road, and take one nap a day too. Your language has took off in the last few weeks. You repeat everything everyone else says, you can count to 20 with a little help, say our ABC's with a little help, and you love to sing and dance! We enrolled you in ballet class, and you start this week. I know you will love it since you shake your booty all over the house! You both have excellent manners and say please, thank you, you're welcome, sorry (when you know you have been naughty and done something wrong), and no thank you when you don't want something. In fact, when we ask to change your diaper, sometimes you reply with "No thank you, mama." LOL You are a little more better at using the potty then your brother, but we hear that's normal with girls... ;-) You are mommy's little helper, just like Connor. You comfort Mason and help take care of him by wanting to help change his diaper, give him his bottle when he is hungry, or give him his pacifier when he is fussy and mommy is busy. I could go on and on, but I need to stop somewhere!

This past weekend, we celebrated your 3rd birthday with friends and family. You had some Elmo cake, and got some pretty cool gifts that you love, of course. 

Connor, you weigh between 32-35 pounds, and are about 3 feet tall. 

Merasia, you weigh between 33-36 pounds, and are about 3 feet tall as well.

You both wear a size 10 (toddler) shoe, and size 4T for clothing.

I've said it before, but I will keep saying it every day of your life. You are both the most wonderful, beautiful, amazing children we have ever seen, and we could never imagine our lives without you in it. You never cease to amaze us and we look forward to the adventures in store as we embark on our third year with you two.

We love you.

Happy Birthday!

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Fawn said...

How sweet. I love that you are chronicling your children's life. How precious it will be when they get older and are able to understand all this.