Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Snap Sac/1 Bag at a Time Review

"We see SnapSac as the next evolution in reusable bags."

From their website:

"SnapSac is a division of 1 Bag at a Time, Inc., a leading supplier of reusable bags to grocery stores, businesses, governments, schools, libraries and community groups.   At 1 Bag at a Time, Inc, we are committed to social, environmental, and economic responsibility.  We strive to live our values every day, and bring you a tote bag that is fashionable and socially responsible, just like you!

We created it to renew excitement about what a bag could be and should be.  Our goal was to give you style, quality, and responsibility—all for about the price of a latte."

When I first came across Snap Sac, I was really impressed. Most of all, I loved the idea behind the product. I loved the fact that these bags are environmentally friendly, yet big enough to hold a lot of items comfortably, and cute to use in public, and not boring colors or unattractive. 

Snap Sac definitely delivers on their commitment to bring consumers a tote that is fashionable and stylish!

For my review, I was sent the grocery tote and super tote, both in the neutral pattern.

I didn't have my camera ready to get pictures of my groceries in the grocery tote when I did my shopping, but I did get some pics when I got home with the groceries in it. 

I know it doesn't look like a lot in these pics, but there was quite a bit in this bag! Here are some more pics with more items...

This bag is very very roomy and I will definitely be using it for my future grocery shopping trips! It's reusable, which is the biggest reason I love it, but it's stylish and roomy, and even with all of these items inside, it still shut tight and nothing fell out while it was being tossed around in the van and carrying it from the van to the house, etc. 

I decided to use the super tote as our new diaper bag. Right after Mason was born, I could usually get away with using one diaper bag for all 3 kids when we went places, if I packed it right! But, it was still a little tight. However, I wanted to avoid taking 2 or 3 diapers bags with us everywhere we went and that has gotten harder as Mason has gotten older and we have more stuff to take with us when we go out and about. 

I tried out the super tote as a diaper bag and I. Am. In. LOVE!!
This bag comfortably fits all of the diapers we need for all 3 kiddos, as well as a tub of wipes, a few changes of clothes for Mason and for the twins if need be (in case of accidents!), snacks, formula, burp cloths, and toys for Mason.

I used this bag for daycare for the first time today, and my mind was quickly made up that I will be using this bag every time we go somewhere and every week that the kids have daycare, because it's so much more easier to use, and there's tons more room!

And after everything we needed was packed, the bag closed easily, everything stayed in place through the ride across town, and there was more than enough room to spare if we needed to add anything to the bag!

Both of these bags are not only stylish, environmentally friendly, and roomy, but made of top quality material. I have tried out other re usable bags in the past that I have bought at my local grocery stores or been given by friends, and none of them have ever been as great as Snap Sac. 

These are my new favorite items and come more than highly recommended from this mama! :-)

Purchase It: You can purchase the two bags seen here and many other varieties of Snap Sac bags at their website HERE.

(Excuse the repetition, if any...it's late, Mason was up a lot last night, and I'm exhausted! ;-) )

**DISCLAIMER** I received the above product(s) from Snap Sac free of charge in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was received. However, all opinions are strictly my own.

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