Friday, January 27, 2012

Potty Training Update!

Potty training is going oh-so-well in our house! The first day I posted about it, we had a few accidents but nothing terrible. They wanted to nap in their undies, so I let them but was prepared for an accident from each when they woke up, and I was right. They went to daycare Tuesday and Wednesday, so we only potty trained those days in the evenings since daycare doesn't do undies until they have been in them for 2 weeks with no accidents. We started hard core training all day again yesterday, and Connor had one pee accident in the morning and then a poop accident, and Merasia had one pee accident. They wanted to nap in undies instead of diapers, so I let them. Connor went pee before going down, and Merasia didn't have to go. About 10 minutes after I laid them down, Merasia called for me and said she had to go pee, so she sat on the potty, and sure enough, went pee on the potty and then went back to bed. Merasia woke up 2 hours later and I was shocked to find her completely dry!! I had her sit on the potty as soon as she woke up and she went, and then I had a few errands to run and took her with me, in just undies and her clothes, no diaper. She stayed dry the whole time. :-) While we were out and about, hubs called me to tell me Connor woke up DRY! He had napped for 3 hours so I was really surprised he woke up dry. That, and the fact that he has never really been too into potty training as much as Merasia has been. Hubs said he had him sit on the potty as soon as he woke up and he peed a ton, so that was good. They stayed dry the entire rest of the night, through dinner and playing and getting ready for bed. Both Connor and Merasia wanted to wear just undies to bed, but I was positive they wouldn't stay dry the whole night, so to avoid waking up at night to change them and sheets, etc., I insisted they wear diapers, but put their undies on over their diapers so they still got to wear them. :-)

I am so happy this is going so well! We are so close to being fully potty trained, I can taste it!! I cannot wait to only have to buy diapers for one baby for a while!

Will keep updating as we continue our potty training journey! :-)


Unknown said...

Great Job you guys! Will they take Merasia or Connor to the bathroom if they ask while they are at daycare? Just wondering because if they don't that will hurt all the progress that you are making with them at home. :)

Blake said...

Yes, she will if they ask. But she won't have them in undies there until they have been in undies for 2 weeks without accidents, so they will have to wear diapers there and just ask to use the potty or have her remind them. I am going to have her remind them every 20 minutes like we do at home, and go before nap time so hopefully they wake up with dry diapers at daycare too.